UFO theories; Ghost/UFO connection?

I usually talk about ghosts, but I was having an epiphany the other day. I was considering ghost hunting theories and something I was considering happened to also be able to be applied to UFOs as I have experienced them.

Rattling around in my head were the typical concepts of ghosts; a soul that doesn't know he is departed or has unfinished business, a residual event that replays like a recording with no active intelligence involved, interdimensional beings, time travelers, explainable phenomenon, string theory correlations...

My mind stopped on one idea; that seeing a full-body apparition without hearing it is much like an encounter with a shadowperson where we catch a glimpse and once the black solid-looking figure realizes it's being seen, it startles and rushes away. Why one sense? Why do we sometimes just see something but not smell or hear it? Why do we sometimes hear it but don't see it? Is it possible that if there is some crossover between dimensions or time that it can only be perceived by one sense occasionally?

My experience with this UFO (photo above) last summer in 2008 was one of many sightings I've had over the years living in AZ. It's a very UFO-friendly state (perhaps it's all the clear sky and good weather for being outdoors or something more sinister like population crowded into only 5% of the land, leaving the rest quite open). My experience with this UFO and the ones that other people often report are very similar:

They make no sound.

It had me wondering if it's possible that we are visually seeing something in a flickering perspective that we can only pick up on the visual plane and not the auditory plane. Is it possible that like a ghost appearing before our eyes, we can see it briefly but not hear it? Not feel it? Not smell it? Not touch it? Occasionally, when conditions are right, do we get a visual of something that is perhaps always there, that is not in our scope to experience with all our senses, but occasionally our eyes can focus on it? Could the use of high-speed computers and HD TV be actually training our eyes to focus better on things that might otherwise be missed by the average human eye?

Maybe we're wrong in assuming that when we see a UFO we're seeing an actual craft from another planet gliding across our sky right now, watching us, and not telling us, "hey neighbor, just dropped by to say hi." Maybe what we're witnessing is coexistence in a realm our senses aren't tuned to, so when we do actually get a visual on it, we get no sound. That doesn't mean there isn't sound. That just means, only one of our senses got a glimpse of it. It's entirely possible there are folks out there experiencing sound without visual.

Something that just never added up about UFO encounters is the lack of sound in most accounts which makes everyone assume it must be alien technology. I'm not entirely sold on the concept of travel across space, but perhaps time (would explain why they avoid contacting us but are intrigued by our DNA) or dimensions (would explain why they don't contact us, as they may not realize we see them--they may not even see us).

Then, if you take it one step further, could it be entirely possible that while we emerged and evolved, something sharing our space also emerged and evolved in a spectrum we don't have the senses to detect except occasionally?

I've long held the theory that we are "ghosts" to "ghosts." That occasionally we pass by something and feel it, or hear it, smell it, or sense it, and at the same time they might also pass by us and catch a flickering glimpse and go, "what was that?"

Well, that's my musing for the day on the subject of UFOs and ghosts and any commonalities they may possess.


  1. Very interesting theory. I can see where there could be a connection.
    Well written. I would say more but my mind is racing in several directions. I'm working on two websites and my daughter's baby shower is this weekend. I should be more with it next week.

  2. Julie;
    Enjoy the baby shower--how exciting! Pregnant women often have dreams where they converse with family members who've passed. You should see if she's had any weird dreams lately about missed relatives. It's usually a time for advice to make itself known to the soon-to-be mom. I couldn't shake my grandmother's presence from my mind the whole pregnancy (and she passed on before I was born!) I started asking my mom about her mother-in-law's dialect from Sweden and the weird foods she ate and habits she had and she said, "how do you know that?" She was shocked. My father never talked about his parents.

  3. Fantastic Autumnforest!! Incredibly enough I was thinking the other day before this extreme laziness came over me -to start a series about the 'Mothman' case -this case which for the most part (you may know of it already) took place in the mid-sixties in West Va-the events that happened in this town seemed to combine all of the different realms of paranormal experience -Poltergeist-Ufos-MIBs-the whole shebang-if I could just get over these dang probs I would like to say a few words about the case -hopefully soon-if nothing else I hope to get caught up on reading others blogs today-best to you as always!!

  4. Devin;
    Oh boy--I sure hope you do an article about that. It's one of the most intriguing stories. I remember as a little kid hearing my sister tell me legends about it. My mother's people were from WV, so we went there all the time. I always begged my dad to take us to Point Pleasant, but my mother was an old mountain woman (very sensitive and wise) and said to stay away that our family wouldn't run into an adventure there, only trouble. I wasn't sure what it meant, but it makes me want to go there even more--keep me posted. I can't wait to read what you have to say.

  5. Thank you for the post!
    Quite an interesting theory...

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  6. Very good article. It had been brought up to me before about another dimension to do with bigfoot. That the reason they can disappear so fast is because they go into another dimension. I don't know if that is true but it is something to think about. The mountains here aren't known for bigfoots, but are for UFO's and i have saw them. When they come people do panic and the local law enforcement get a large number of calls. Keep up the good work, i really like what you write. Always interesting.

  7. IQXS;
    (love that name, BTW); Glad you enjoyed my article. I like to look at these things like the scene of a crime and studying evidence. Sometimes things don't add up and I've often wondered if we were able to reach up and touch a UFO, if it's actually there solidly in our dimension and something interacting with us, or something we're passingly able to see. Hmm...

  8. Thanks for the feedback autumnforest -I had this brilliant idea that as I was not asleep last eve-should say morn by 4 am -I would just stay up during day and do work on blogs -needless to say absolutely nothing got done-I got into a good book and then fell asleep!! If I can gather the right info I would like to blog about Mothman and also see anyone else who has or would like to-that is so interesting about your experience-or should say info from childhood about the site. I voted carl sagan as most likely to haunt-the only reason being is that I think he really walked the line on believing in life after death and would want to come back and say 'Hey yes there is something after earth/physical plane' best to you as always!!

  9. There was something similar to your theory in Bradbury's Martian Chronicles. A Martian and an Earth man meet, looking out over a large valley. The Martian says he is about to go to a festival where there are women and boats on the canals. The man tooks out, perplexed, at a barren, rust-colored wasteland. They discuss this and talk about their separate "nows." They agree to disagree about what they are seeing and go their separate ways. So if great minds think alike, you are on par with Ray Bradbury! Right now I'm about on par with Oscar the Grouch, after a long day.

    My only UFO experience occured during a lunar eclipse two years ago. As my mother, sister and I watched the moon go into umbra in the east a red dot moved very quickly toward the east, turned at lightning speed, then headed north and was gone. I had noticed it moments before and it speed made it look as if it were a satellite. Looks slow moving, but logically you know it's cruising. Then it turned and went north I thought: "Either that was a UFO or some government has more advanced satellites than they admit."

  10. Ella;
    I've heard that theory about Bigfoot and had always just pushed it away because he seemed very visceral in folk's descriptions from his bellowing sounds to breaking limbs to having a scent, but who knows...maybe he can take his physical form in and out of our realm. I'd still like to think he's smarter than humans and thus able to hide from us so long.

    Thanks. I have to admit, I've never read any sci-fi writers before, but I know of Ray Bradbury's work. I think my son in his sci-fi phase read Martian Chronicles. I should dig that out and see what it's like. Sounds intriguing. I used to be totally into ghosts, but as time goes on, I'm intrigued by UFOs and bigfoot and other such interesting things. Phenomena, is phenomena, so all of it's cool. My favorite thing is conjecture, like those documentary shows about whether UFOs and Bigfoot exist. I love for people to sit and knock around theories.

  11. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my daughter has seen her Grandma Darlene in her dreams. She passed away over 6 years ago.

  12. Julie;
    That's amazing and cool. It seems like the little ones always have a relative who's there--sort of a guardian angel.

  13. I like your site!... Speaking of bigfoot, I read a book about Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, and while reading between the lines I came to a revelation. In the book he talks about his previous lives in ancient times (tens of thousands of years B.C.)and tells of creatures described like bigfoot, they were enslaved and there was an uprising and they escaped deep into the forests far away from mankind. They were said to be nearly as smart as humans but rejected any kind of technology almost religously. I believe that they have built their entire existence on hiding from humanity and you could imagine that if their culture for the last 40,000 yrs. has been avoiding humans, they are probly pretty good at it. But that is just my theory on bigfoot. Thanks for listening, Edward...aka Hell2Go


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