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In my recent article about the efficacy of the KII meter, it resulted in more conversations and thoughts on the matter. It's impossible to know how much the equipment Jason and Grant are wearing in "Ghost Hunters" is interfering with the use of their own test equipment. I'd be curious to find out if, before the film crew and microphones and use of walkies, their EMF meter went off on house calls (other than electrical sources in the home).

I asked my hubby, whose job involves testing sound equipment for any possible bleed through from other sources, and he said that unless Jason and Grant remove all their equipment, get rid of the crew, and go into a cave with nothing more than a flashlight and EMF/KII meter, it will be impossible to say that the source of it going off is of a paranormal nature. The KII meter has a very broad spectrum it can pick up and the signals that are in the air around us are so extensive, that just about any burst of activity could set it off. Mind you, I'm not in an electronics field (I'm medical) but I understand what he's saying.

Just like your car radio can pick up a ham radio on the road on the way to work, your home cordless phone can get your neighbor's conversations, or like what happened to me when a lady with a cell phone or satellite phone driving down the road spoke through the answering machine, you can't have a really clean test in the field. You'd have to go into a special room designed to shield from RF and do your testing.

That being said, I will admit that the EMF meter can go off quite easily and randomly, but the KII meter thus far in my testing will only go off it is held right up to a source for electrical. If left on a table in the middle of a room, it simply will not go off (no matter how much I whine and cajole). That being said, it doesn't mean something couldn't interfere with it, but I have a lot of doubts that there are any signals in the air strong enough to make this certain device go off, but it is entirely possible that a person speaking to it, wearing a microphone and transmitter, a walkie, and who knows what else, could potentially set it off.

Unless Jason and Grant drop their bodily equipment and use the device, I'll humor myself with their conversations with the dead, but won't take them as definitive evidence. Even the EVPs unfortunately are vulnerable to walkies and other devices and as a receiver, so therefore can pick up sounds and recordings and other messages being sent in the air.

I'm convinced at this point that reliable witnesses and some photographic evidence are still our best proof of paranormal. I do think, however, that if anyone can ever get into that lead-lined room in "The Legend of Hell House," and managed to get recordings and measurements, I'd gladly accept those as definitive proof. :-)

I suppose this is just another example of making new test equipment for the field, ones that measure something that isn't so readily filling our airspace already. What it has always come down to for me is the personal experience. The things I have witnessed growing up at Aspen Grove, as well as on ghost hunts leads me to believe there is something happening that we don't seem to have any current scientific explanations for, and so I will continue to try to gather these experiences, judge them objectively, and hope to find out what commonalities they have, how to reproduce the situations, what might be the motivating factor.

I will keep you updated as I grill my husband the engineer for more ways to study ghosts and perhaps pick his brain on test equipment.


  1. Interesting as always autumnforest!! I am trying to go round the blogosphere real quick and thank all those who constantly support me at my little place on the web -if i do not get to other places that means my connection went once again! so thanks so very much and i so enjoy your blog! hopefully these connection probs are not permanent as it makes it hard to do anything!best as always!

  2. You're welcome Devin, and thank you for so earnestly supporting everyone else, as well. I hope your connectivity problems smooth out so you can have reliable access because nothing is quite the same in this neighborhood of the blog without your insights. Hope your health is doing better and you're feeling stronger. :-)

  3. I am in agreement with you. I noticed this past weekend on our investigation that the walkies made the KIIs go off. That is okay as long as you know that that is the reason for the reading. Even with all of the activity that was happening there, the walkies were the only things that caused them to read. Interesting to say the least.

  4. I placed my KII meter in my haunted music room and left it there being recorded for over an hour. Shortly after an hour of filming, the green light on the reader flares up and then goes completey off. Moments later the green light came back on. Can a battery that was replaced several weeks before drain itself enough to shut the meter off and then back on again? I have had no other such events since and I am still using the meter with the same battery. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank-you for your time.

  5. Dafgoat;
    I'm sorry I never responded. Unfortunately, I keep writing more new entries and sometimes folks who read older ones, I miss their comments. On your question about the KII meter, I'd want to know how you're keeping the meter turned on. If you have one of those after market switches or you're using a coin. I've tried many times with the coin to wiggle it, move it in any way, and I can't get it to turn the meter off and on again. If the lights flickered twice, that might be something genuine. Next time, I'd use the KII when you're with it as a way to communicate instead of leaving it on alone. It can't really tell you much of anything unless you have temperature readings or EMF readings at the same time. Had someone been there to communicate, it might have continue to light up which would have been very exciting. The batteries really don't drain on these devices like they seem to on cameras. Hope that helps.


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