Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meet Quatchi!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm obsessed with Sasquatch. I was thrilled to discover that Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Olympics and one of their mascots is Sasquatch or "Quatchi" as they call him. His profile says his favorite color is "chill blue." (Personally, I think his favorite color is berry purple or salmon pink):


  1. I took the quiz and it said I am most like Sumi of the Annoying Voice. (I like Quatchi's voice the best.) I'm kind of jazzed, as I got the shape shifter guy, part bear, thunderbird, and whale.

    My sweetheart likes the northern legends the best out of all the American tribes. I'll bet this Olympics brings out a whole slew of books about northern legends, including the sasquatch.

  2. Yeah, my dad came from Norway and his mother was Sami (Laplander) and my mother was from Highland origins, so I totally like all the Norse mythology and everything about the Sami tribe. I always dreamed of living in Nova Scotia or Iceland. What am I doing in the desert??? Yikes!