HauntedCon is coming to Jerome in September:
Debe Branning from the local MVD Ghostchasers will be there, as will Chip Coffey of Paranormal State and Psychic Kids, John Zaffis the demonologist, Christopher Moon of Haunted Times, Michelle Belanger (psychic used on Paranormal State), and loads more. Check out the site. The location is awesome. In fact, I was just now writing my article about my time at the Jerome Grand when Debe sent me this link. Deja vu!


  1. This looks like fun, I will let Mike know.

  2. It's a perfect opportunity to get your ghost on at Jerome and meet the big folks in the industry and learn a lot. These things are usually pricey, though, but if it's what you consider a vacation, it's worth it. I'm planning on renting a haunted cabin in Greer in October, so I'm going to forgo this one. I promised myself I'd hunt bigfoot in the woods in the day and hunt ghosts in the cabin at night. My hunting partner and I are getting the place, but I think we'll probably get two others to share so we can share the costs and cover the place with equipment. Let me know if you go. I want to hear all about it. Our local group leader, Debe, is one of the speakers.


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