Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gothic Garden: Magical Section

Okay, so the Buddhist, Christian, and Celtic sections are done in the garden. I began the section for magical religions. There's a bamboo star for Pagans, a rose quartz crystal inside my pot growing ginger for New Agers, a dreamcatcher hanging overhead for Native American cultures, and a Totem pole with bigfoot, a wolf, and an owl on it.

If anyone can think of any other interesting magic-based spiritualities to add, let me know. I will probably try to do something Viking, as well, maybe a Thor's hammer used somewhere...

The spiritually mixed garden continues. Don't know if it's the gardening or the spiritual symbols everywhere, but I feel great every time I'm puttering around out there fussing over the plants.


  1. Nice calming place to go too, until summer. Could we see a close up of the totem pole? It sounds cool.

  2. I'll add the totem picture to the article. I have to admit, I took a skinny log, covered it in plaster of paris and then when it dried it was really too hard to chisel, so I painted the images on top. I did a cursory painting of Bigfoot, wolf, and owl (my three woodland fav's) and then set it into the ground just to see if it would look like a totem. I ended up leaving it there and not finishing the details. From a distance it looks pretty cool and carved, but then when you get real close you can tell it's not, but I like the handmade look of it.

  3. Thank you. I think it looks real good. You can't tell that it's not carved.

  4. I remember reading a book about reconciling all of the religions and spiritualities on earth. The author suggested that all religions adopt the circle into their own iconography to symbolize a universal love/worship of God/dess/Whomever, regardless of the specifics of the worship style. I always thought this was a sweet idea. Maybe a path that is circle-shaped in the center of the garden?

  5. Mike and Julie;
    Thanks! I usually finish my artwork, but I figured since this is outside and going to be attacked by weather, I wouldn't worry myself so much and move on to other projects--like making my costume for the cemetery tour!

    You're always a font of wisdom. You are such a spiritually centered person and so mature. Are you sure you're so young? Wise old soul... I had thought about a circular pattern, but with limited space and my desire to have a labyrinth, I thought I might just make a weaving path that cuts through every spirituality. I have about a 6' tall tree stump that I'm thinking of trying my hand at carving. I thought about a lot of shapes for it and then settled on an arm with an upturned palm. I can use the palm to make a natural birdbath and if I'm feeling whimsical, I can make a giant wooden yo-yo on a string and hang it from a finger. Hee hee. I just loving having a piece of earth work, even in the desert. Where I grew up, we had huge boxwood mazes and formal gardens and orchards and I got very spoiled by it all.