Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gothic Garden--the Celtic and Christian Sections--Costs Zero $--Priceless

Since my mother was a very proud Highlander Fraser, I did a nod to my Celtic heritage in the garden. I had a lot of beautiful limbs from the dead mulberry, so I curved them and tied them off to make an arbor up against the ugly shed. I planted a bower vine and ground cover and ferns surrounded by a ring of rocks (all of them free--relocated from around the garden). I hung two Green Man faces in the arbor and one statue of Him on the ground and a large celtic cross (all free, already had them). I painted the cross to age it and make it look moss covered. I also painted the Green Man images with iron paint so they rusted out. I think over time, this will age nicely. The bower vine is extremely crazy growing, so I expect it to weave around and in and out of the Green Man faces.

I turned the triangular garden into the Christian garden with an angel, cherubs, and lots of thorns (blackberry and rose bushes). I hope to get lots of little vignettes around the garden and then take flagstones and river rock and make weaving pathways so it's a giant labyrinth. I've always wanted to have a labyrinth and I figured since I don't have a big open area to do it, I can just incorporate it into the garden and walk through it every day and contemplate the spiritual icons arounds me.

I still want to do one section for "magical" religions (paganism), Wiccan, Viking, and more indigenous religions. I've made a dreamcatcher and I'm working on a small totem pole next. I haven't figured out how I want to portray Viking and Wiccan, but I'd love input if anyone has ideas. I think I might do something with an altar for Wiccan. The Viking--Thor's hammer???

I couldn't find anything on Muslim faith. Apparently they don't like idolitry, so there are no symbols or statues. They did adopt the crescent moon and star, but it's not theirs and they consider it to be of Pagan origins. I heard they like rosemary in their gardens, so I planted a rosemary bush--in the Christian garden. Somehow, it seems like it might make peace.

If you can think of any other religions to add, let me know.

It's really weird because it seems as if they all go together in a peaceful kind of way, like being in a cemetery with a lot of different headstones. It just makes a cohesive intricate curiosity. I wonder what it does for the energy of the garden and my growing herbs/fruits/veggies???

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