Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Top 5 Favorite Bigfoot Movies

I know I write about ghost hunting theories, but everyone knows I also adore Bigfoot and so in my extensive horror collection, there’s a lot of Bigfoot themes roaming amongst the DVDs. I figured since most people who are interested in the paranormal area also interested in the “Man of the Woods,” I’d let you know about my five favorite Bigfoot movies, if I could only keep five of them. I’m extremely picky about what kind of Bigfoot movies I collect-very few are worthy of my keeping or even watching the first time (made for Sci-Fi channel crap), and I have a huge amount of documentaries. I think the documentaries are usually more scary than the movies. In fact. “Bigfoot Lives” by Tom Biscardi (remember the guy who promoted the Bigfoot in a Freezer hoax?) Well, that documentary was actually quite entertaining and unbelievable, but I wouldn’t recommend it, mostly because I don’t wish him to profit from anyone buying it. The sad fact is that there’s not a lot out there, so sometimes the best is just mediocre. I choose my favorites based on how many times I watch them on a rainy day, under the covers, being creeped out and startled and fascinated all at the same time. Everyone of them satisfies a different need in Bigfoot watching.

Creature From Black Lake (1976): Woods, stalking, hunting him, realistic. This one is a classic. It’s very campy and like “Legend of Boggy Creek” the first half of it, but it’s woven with stories and action that actually is quite chilling. It actually felt like a documentary about two college boys looking for Bigfoot in the deep South. I think this one is a classic and I get most chilly goosebumps during the barn scene and the campout near the end. If I had it my way, it would be less about the cheesy local stuff and joking around about eating chicken, and more about the hunt.

Snowbeast (1977): Cold, skiing, stalking, unpredictable. I suppose this one is special to me because I saw it as a teen and it scared me a good deal. I liked the setting, a ski lodge (when you live in the desert you dream of such things, thus I watch this movie in the summer when it's 110 outside), which was a different kind of place for Bigfoot to appear. I liked his random attacks and the unpredictability of it. I could do without the soap opera and slow moving skiing scenes, but for a terror ala Bigfoot, it was good.

Sasquatch Odyssey (1999): Documentary, classic, all the big-time hunters. I enjoyed this one. It has the usual haunting music in the background and interviews with all the big-time hunters. It’s pretty representative of the Bigfoot documentary genre in recent years. The next one below is a great representation of the classics that hit the theaters in the early 70s and got me on my Bigfoot addiction.

Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot (1975): 1970s, campy documentary, spooky moments. Okay, this one I love just because I remember seeing it in the theater as an adolescent and screaming and jumping into the man’s lap next to me. I love the stories people tell of encounters, it’s like listening to a good pub story in Ireland. After seeing this movie, I actually put on 8 long-sleeved shirts, 3 pairs of jeans and gloves and went into the surrounding woods to try to find him with my camera. I was a hunter even back then.

Harry and the Hendersons (1987): Funny, cute, sweet, realistic. Okay, realistic might not be a good name for it, but I like to think if Bigfoot chose to stay with a family in their home, he’d be a big pussycat. The idea that a family runs into Bigfoot with their station wagon, manages to bring him home and hide him, is an entertaining idea. It’s even more entertaining when you see them bonding over time. It just warms my heart to see the big guy portrayed this way. After all, he is at least half human, right?


  1. You mention The Legend of Boggy Creek, but it didn't make your top 5?

    Craig Woolheater
    Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy

  2. I did see a couple of your choices like; Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot; and of course "Harry and the Hendersons" which I loved. I also saw "The Legend of Boggy Creek" and it scared the crap out of me. I love seeing all the documentaries on Bigfoot and his relatives. It is so fascinating. I'll have to catch some of the others you mentioned.
    Julie - Above the Norm

  3. I was on the fence about putting "Legend of Boggy Creek" on the list because I'm trying to show people ones that they might have missed. I don't know many who didn't see the original Boggy Creek. I thought between "Creature from Black Lake" and the old 1970s Bigfoot documentary, I'd pretty much covered the campy 70s stuff. I admit that Boggy Creek creeped me out as a kid because it was my introduction to Bigfoot (East Coast folks in the 70s didn't hear about the Dude), but I also remember that the movie had so many bad parts to it that it made me laugh more than it scared me. I love the part where they say "the women were cowering in the cabin" and you see a dude with a mustache in the room. Hmm? hee hee.

  4. Very good article. I enjoy all of your articles. :)

  5. Thanks Ella. Perhaps one day someone will make the right Bigfoot movie. I personally would choose M. Knight because I think he'd make it a question of whether he is human or not and what constitutes humanity... I think that would be my favorite movie of all time!

  6. I suppose if I were to watch The Legend of Boggy Creek now, it would not be as scary as it was when I was younger.

  7. I'd been trying to remember the name of Creature from Black Lake, as I liked it when it came out, but was confusing the title with Boggy Creek. I've got BC on right now, and, if my memory serves, Black Lake is much better.

    In any case, your blog helped me figure out something I've been wondering about for a while - ever since I got a collection of Bigfoot films on Amazon.