Monday, February 2, 2009

Can Time Periods Occur Simultaneously?

It’s just a thought, but the more I study residual hauntings, the more I wonder if time can occur simultaneously and be only faintly captured by us as it’s occurring. Is it possible that everything that happened where you are standing is happening there now, past, present, and future? What about sensations of déjà vu? Could they be tied to time occurring simultaneously? I wonder this because in my childhood home I one time heard my sister banging on the wall and arguing with my mom and that event had happened long ago.

What would be the difference between residual hauntings and time occurring concomitantly? Well, in a residual haunting a single event that had occurred would replay as if on a loop. Not necessarily in real-time to the event. If all time periods occurred simultaneously, a glimpse of a residual would be a glimpse of a live event, but then if all time periods occur simultaneously it would replay continuously, held in some kind of alternate dimension and therefore appear to be residual.

Could an event be part of a continuum that is like the universe, without beginning and end?

Might things like alien encounters be nothing more than a momentary glimpse at our future? Could the sense of being watched be a moment when many time periods are occurring in the same place? Would haunted places in say England be haunted because there’s just so many events occurring in the same building over a millennium that they skim across each other and occasionally “show” themselves?

I like to throw a bit of philosophical debate out there now and again. I like people to think and wonder and ask questions.

Our answers are somewhere in the musings of those who don’t see things as linear but perhaps concomitant or infinite.


  1. Autumnforest-I really love your blog and also when you do these philosophical theories-I think the question to your post from me anyway -for once (if anyone who reads my blog knows i do not give yes/no answers often) is a big yes!! best as always to you-fantastic and interesting blog!

  2. Thanks for kicking around my ideas. I can't help but ponder things, as the more I hunt ghosts, the more questions I have (when I had expected to get answers). People who think they know all about ghosts make me wonder--where did they join the unseen forces and learn about their quirks and habits? It sort of reminds me of religion, where everyone's own religion is THE religion that's right. We don't have the answers. That's why we hunt. It's all conjecture. It greases your brain. I love to ponder the what if's.