Friday, January 16, 2009

Reincarnation is Not What We Think

I thought I'd start off this blog with an example of lifecycles. In one picture, you have my grandmother at Ellis Island (off the boat from Norway) with my father, his two older sisters (one brunette, one blonde) and baby sister. Then, there's a picture of me as a baby with my brother and two older sisters (one brunette, one blonde). Cycles of life aren't as random as they sometimes appear. The same scenarios are played over and over again. Have you ever heard someone say "oh, you're not that unique--loads of people like what you do, choose the things you choose, have the same quirks"?

Nothing is really original in this world.

Now, onto reincarnation. I get asked about that a lot. It's a combination of having psychic abilities and being a paranormal investigator which makes people think I might have a stand on this.

And, I do.

Reincarnation doesn't exist. At least, not in the form we see in movies and hear from gurus. People's spirits do not somehow get reborn into new bodies to learn new skills they apparently didn't get the first time around. This isn't elementary school. We aren't getting a second go round at third grade.

That being said, I have had experience with remembering a past life. It's an extremely detailed one that came to me in my sleep for a few nights in a row. I even woke up speaking French and knowing things about the Jewish religion that I could not have known from my life experiences or education. It truly amazed for a few weeks. I even occasionally still wake up during the night speaking French and catch myself and hear my strange voice as I awaken.

Am I reincarnated?


Here's how I see the whole phenomenon. When I do a reading on someone, getting information from their jewelry or holding their hand or whatever means I use, I'm getting their history by some means as of yet not explained by science but does absolutely exist. That being said, their memories, their view of their life, their home they grew up in, their summer in Nantucket...they become my memories. They are as real to me as if I had lived that life. It's a very startling thing to experience and I quit reading some time ago because I was bogged down with other people's lives in my head.

The average person isn't in tune with their "psychic radar" so they don't realize the bits and pieces of info they get that way every day. When something occurs in which their radar is on and they got a blip on the screen, it's something they haven't experienced before. Had I not had a lifetime of using my skills to know that I'm opening a portal to view another's life, I would swear that I'm seeing a life that I led. I have the feelings, the physicality, the time period...all so very real in my head that I believe it was me inside that body living that life.

When a person gets a reincarnation memory, for whatever reason (science hasn't caught up to the mechanism by which we receive information), that person is getting signals from a life that was lived some time back. It's vague as to why they latched onto that life passing by at that time and read it, but upon seeing it in their head, it feels very much like their own life including all the feelings and relationships associated with it.

The details of my "past life" that came to me in a dream included things like how Jewish people handle death (my mother had just died in the dream), what was happening in the Nazi era and my father and I and our need to escape France. The details of my village, my home, the covered mirrors inside my house, the term "sitting shiva" were all baffling to me when I woke up, but I know enough from readings to realize that I was reading a life that had been through the eyes of the person.

So, when folks ask me about reincarnation, that's my stand on it--it is a psychic reading postmortem. It's a conclusion made by the knowledge that to read a life that's passed is not so very hard when everything that is and everything that has been still inhabits this dimension. It's the question of how we access it that intrigues me the most. What conditions must be present to pass by a life, feel a bit of it, taste a bit of it, see a bit of it.

Deja vu and the sense of having been to a city before when you arrive to a new place and know the way to a location without having traveled there before, can all be tacked onto the reincarnation phenomenon. The passing of a fragrance, the hint of music, the ability to know an outcome and not know why...all tied into that crazy "invisible railroad" that moves all events like the Mayans replay over and over again, inspired by people now who are influenced by events and people who have been.

There is nothing original in our world. It's a holding place for new people and old events to meet again and again and again.

Now, that's reincarnation.


  1. This is very interesting thinking-I wonder if it is something along these lines that would explain my personal reincarnation type experience-although mine is 'out there' compared to a lot of folks and based a lot on intuition and and knowing things from a book I read of all things! I am going to come back to this one also tomorrow-great thinking and great blog! best as always!

  2. forgot to mention-Anadae gave me the heads up to read this which I really appreciate because I link to and chat with so many folks on the net I sometimes forget when something is 'right in m face' so to speak:-)

  3. So many things leap to mind, Autumn Forest, when I read your assertions here as to past life memories not necessarily having had to have been LIVED by the person whose experiences one is 'reading' or remembering in a previous life. Some of these are the pioneering work of the Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, with water crystallizations 'recording' emotions being generated into them, both good ones & bad. Tom Graves's "Needles of Stone" title, so valuable in understanding the purpose of ancient megalithic structures & related 'bleed throughs' as you've called them. The universal mythologies of hauntings near bodies of water. Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetic resonance, later shortened to morphic fields, underscoring 'place memories', outlined in his "A New Science of Life".

    Back in the early nineties, I christened my own theory distilling all of these elements into it, "plasma dynamics", I called it. Gaseous (as in a fog or in mist), liquid (those ubiquitous lakes, rivers, and streams), and crystalline (solidified like ice) can this etheric 'plasma' take the form of, and under the right conditions, lock memories, experiences, and/or emotions into it.

    Have you read Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End" yet? In it an offworld race abolishes crime on Earth, having perfected a technology that can 'read' the 'residue' of all actions ever commited. The occult traditions have another name for it. They call this medium the Akashic records.

    All eras & times have their own names for what you have positted here, Ms. Forest. I'm happy to see that another new researcher is bearing the torch. All the very best wishes to seeing you advance the field ~ Anadæ ( :-)}

  4. Thanks so much for your comment. The water work you were talking about, was that explained in the documentary "What in the Bleep Do We Know?" (correct name?) I'm very intrigued by string theory and quantam physics and all the ideas on the table out there. There's something we're missing that seems to convey all knowledge and all experience in a kind of "dark energy" or "universal soup." I feel it deep in my being that everything is tied together and we are much too two-dimensional in our thinking. When my son was young, I always told him two things. "We have the curiosity rule, if you want to know about anything, we will answer it or find the answers in books and experts." I would go to any lengths to adequately answer his questions and he became a brilliant gifted student and adult. The other rule was one I made up, "it is better to be a 3-dimensional person in a 2-dimensional world than to be a 2-dimensional person in a 3-dimensional world." He didn't get that one until he was in fourth grade (yes, his favorite show as a child was "Fraser" and he got every joke!) I desperately need to take time aside and read up on some of the new findings in physics. I think that only a partnership with scientists is going to answer the "haunting" questions out there.