Friday, January 30, 2009

Fairfax, Virginia; Green Acres Elementary School; Robinson Secondary School

This is shameless, but for the purposes of finding folks I grew up with, I thought I'd do a short blurb so if someone does a search, they can find a fellow Fairfax-ian.
Anyone who attended Green Acres in the late 60s to mid 70s, let me know. I'll almost certainly remember you. Anyone who attended Robinson in the mid 70s, I'll probably know you too. Thought I'd just try and find fellow childhood chums.


  1. Hi Sharon, your Fairfax Green Acres idea worked! I'm still in Fairfax and drive by your old house occasionally and CAN'T STAND how hard it is to get a good view of the house!

    I only remember going into your house once, and I don't recall any ghost stories or haunting rumors. I somehow remember how fun it was to run through the bushes in the maze out front and vividly recall how SOFT the bushes were. I also seem to recall an old shell of a car somewhere on the property that had been stripped bare but some friends and I used to climb into it and play.

    Your blog is fascinating, I've only just started it, but I'm looking forward to reading it all. Thanks and good luck with your ghost hunting.


  2. Hey Sharon:
    I dont know if you would remember me personally, but you may know my family. We are the Tooles from Glenmere Road. I think you may know my brothers Mick and Steve.
    I have heard many a story about your old home. When the other houses where built around it...when was that.. the late '80's?... I remember going to a Open House at your home. They had done a nice job of updating and added bathrooms, and closing off the staircase to the attic. During the tour, I found myself alone in the basement... and a heavy sense that I was not alone. I ran up the stairs into the kitchen, where people just turned and looked at me. I said...Ghosts! :)
    For awhile there, it seemed they couldnt keep a tenant in the house for more than a year or so. But the current tenant now has been there for several years. Do you know any more about that?

    My brother John still lives at the house on Glenmere. My cousins, the Proutys live next door still. Steve is in Arlington... a photographer. Mick passed away in 1991. Dan is in the army, and living in El Paso. Rob is in Arkansas with his family.

    I'm kinda proud of you girlie for doing so well for yourself!!
    Big pat on the back!
    Corinne Toole Thomasset
    Green Acres 1972-1978
    Robinson 1978-1984

  3. Wowwww, I totally remember Corinne, and my husband does too! He says you lived on Cotton Farm Lane with your brothers! Awesome! Sharon, this is a really awesome site, I was looking for my fave teacher at Green Acres, and saw this, I had to check it out! I went to Green Acres, starting in 1976 when I was 9 years old. Let me know if you remember me! Back then, I was Darlene Jerman, lived on the corner of Locust Lane. Now on facebook, I am Darlene Jerman Rose.

  4. Corinne--I had a crush on Steve growing up. Haha! I'm sorry it took so long to respond. I never got a notice of the comment on my emails. Jeez! I'm at ghosthuntingtheories at gmail if you want to write. I'd love to hear more. I had no idea the Proutys were your cousins.

  5. Darlene; I don't think I remember you, but my family moved in 77. I went to Green Acres and Robinson. Locust Lane, huh? Wow, what memories!

  6. Hi Sharon Day,This is Michael Bartley, we had 5th grade together,Miss Bohens/Contompassum was her married name.I think it was 1972/73.You lived in the old civil war hosptl house on Roberts rd.I lived on University dr.around the corner from Cathy/Ricky Hubard.After GreenA.I attend.Sidney Lanier Intr.on the far west end of the city.Our famly movd in Oct.75 to Leesburg VA where I still liv.I would luv to kno if there are any reunions or such.i'd luv to see old friends.I am @ or 703 819 9513