Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are You Psychic?

Over the years, people have asked me if I could teach them to be psychic. It's not so much needing to be taught, it's trusting what you know. I usually tell them a good place to start is online at Every day you can go on and test your skills. I go on frequently. It benefits me because I learn just how it is I get information. If I pick the wrong card, but the right card was one I passed over and didn't choose, I figure out why I talked myself out of the right card. I found over time that my eyes tend to be drawn to the "right" card and yet my minds tell me to choose a different card and that's always the wrong one. My first instinct, always a good one. When I try to inject logic into my choices like, "they just showed the picture of the water earlier, it can't be that one again!" Then, I will surely get it wrong. Some days, I find that by running my cursor over the cards, I can feel a strange electrical tingle when I cross over the right card. Some days, I see in my head a color or a mass and I look for the card that has those features. Sometimes, it's a very fast gut instinct when the card are first flipped. The key is to try it regularly and find out on days when you do well, what you did. Was it the time of day--that's often key. For me, I do lousy in the afternoon, great in the mid morning. I also do better when I think about other things instead of the test before me. I'm a multitasker and I find that if I engage my logical mind thinking about the day's chores, the very basic and primitive part of my brain that uses psychic skills will do its job while the computer on my shoulders is rattling off the grocery list.

When it comes to reading objects, I've found a basic exercise that can help people to figure out which hand they read with and which hand they give people energy with. If you want to know if someone is good or bad in their intentions, you put your reading hand on them and you'll know. If they need your support and love, you use your sending hand on them. To find which hand you read and send with, put both hands in front of your chest, palms facing each other. Keep them about 5" apart. Take your right hand and stroke your fingers towards the left palm, but don't touch the palm with them. Keep doing this and see if you feel the sensation of being stroked. Now, switch hands. When you find the fingers that seem to make your palm "feel" them, those fingers are from the hand that sends energy to help others. The palm that could feel them is your reading palm. In general, you find that most right-handed folks read with their left hand and most lefties read with their right.

The fun comes when you can take a piece of jewelry (I find anything metal is a good start) and put it in your reading hand. You have to free your mind of all preconceived notions about the person's whose jewelry you're reading. I've read good friends and my logical mind wanted to throw out things I read because they didn't fit what I knew about that person. Wrong! You'll kick yourself if you don't go with your first gut feeling.

For me, when I read something, the positioning of my eyes is key. Some folks close their eyes, I can't do that. I look to my right and for some reason that positioning of my eyes is like recalling a memory and I see things. Sometimes, it's like a memory. It's like if you smell chlorine and suddenly you can imagine the public pool and the summer before 10th grade and the sounds of people laughing and playing and the whistle blowing from the lifeguard stand... You might feel like smiling when you're reading, or feel sadness. You might feel like the jewelry is tied to someone else and suddenly you're doing a read on the person who gave it to them or borrowed it.

You practice with people you know and you eventually learn (like you did on the psychic testing site) just how it is you get info. My best friend hears it. To me, it's not auditory so much as a memory. To others, it might be very visual. You'll see faces and details. The more you push yourself, the more you can get the visual frame into focus.

The real test is when you read something of someone's whom you don't know at all. I've done this at parties many many times and it's fun. I like not being limited by knowing whose it is (they pile it on the table and I don't know whose is whose). I just start reading and I ask for no vocalizations and no one to come forward until I'm done. That's a really pure way to read because you can't feed off someone's expressions or make assumptions based on how they look.

We're all psychic, I truly believe it. I just think that like our talents for music or foreign languages, we don't always get to develop them. I believe everyone is an artist, everyone is a writer, everyone is a singer, they just don't practice it all the time. You have to do it with a passion to get the talent to blossom.

Persevere. I hope to see you on some time. I'll be listed there as Autumnforest and you'll know if I'm having a good day or bad by my scoring. I tend to do it while I'm at work and so I have to rush it... The problem is, I'm at my best around 10 am--and that's when I'm working! You can tell I took my time when my score is high. That's the day when I develop my skills by noting if today is a "color day" or a "sensation day" or a "gut instinct" day, because psychic abilities aren't always in the same form every day. What worked to get you a great score yesterday may totally not work today.

I hope to hear about your adventures in the psychic world. We all travel the psychic path, some of us are just holding up signs while others are watching their feet...


  1. Hello. : ) I popped in by way of my favorite monsters.

    I love psychic phenomena--anything of the paranormal, metaphysical.

    I like to say you need to be out of your mind to be psychic.

    I agree with you. We all have this ability. It just takes practice in knowing how our psychic sense works/feels like/sounds like. For me, I usually get a sense, a hunch. Suddenly I'll stop what I'm doing and just know something. That feeling never has emotion to it either. It's clear and solid. After many years of this I'll still question it and sometimes disregard it altogether only to find out later the information was correct. Sometimes this part of me speaks through my dreams.

    Lately I've kind of played around with holding objects. I've known some people who can pick up the most detailed information about someone using this. Your gift for this as well as others gift for it too amazes and intrigues me. I've tried it a few times and for the most part, I received nothing. However, one night I picked up an old coin my husband had in his coin collection. The coin's about 150 years old. I put it in my right hand and covered it with my left hand. I closed my eyes, relaxed and just let myself be. Suddenly I felt this jolt of energy go through me and I blurted out, rather loudly, "Red Wolf". I had this very strong impression that some native indian male who went by red wolf once had this coin. I also felt someone, a white male, stole it from him.

    Who knows.

    I'll check out the website. I didn't know such a site existed. Thanks for posting it!

  2. It's great to hear someone who recognizes her skills. I suppose a better way to describe the way we gather info when we hold an object is, as soon as it's in your hand you get a "taste" as if it were the taste of food on your mouth. You either feel baffled, excited, hopeful, regretful... some emotion surfaces and you feel it in your body as if you're recalling something that happened in your past. If you venture through the emotion you feel, you begin to get pictures and make associations. Honestly, when it comes to psychic readings, about 10% is what you pick up, but about 90% is how you interpret it. That's where you need to train yourself a good deal to learn what instincts were accurate that you disregarded. Keep it up. The more you do it, the stronger it gets.

  3. autumn great article! for the most part I think I am about as psyhic as a rock:-) however there is a dream from all the way back in 1997 I had that I wonder if could have been one of the 'small' things that have happened to me that might have been pre-cog-i will post a bit about it at my place soon and see what readers think-with way connection and health have been it may be Feb before it is there-all the best to you! glad to see Nina here also:-)