Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Are We Cells?

Everyone has a theory on the universe and our place in it. Just jump on a plane some time and take off over your city. It's just an aiport, then it's a city block, then it's an entire city, then it's a region of a state... You begin to realize how very small you are. Every day in your little neighborhood you feel so important and so central to everything going on until you see all the other "worker ants" from above.

It got me thinking about the universe. Scientists try to describe the size of it and its origins, but no one can possibly comprehend things that involve light years and distances that are "infinite." We can't get far enough away from it to view it as we did in the plane over our city.

What if every planet we see, every star, every moon, are all nothing more than cells in size to something greater? What if we look at other planets like cells in a body might look at each other and think, "hey, we're part of the important work being done," but then those cells don't see that they're just the tiny parts of a huge unit called a "human." They live their lives thinking that converting oxygen or transporting blood is all there is and their life is what counts the most. They have no idea how very many of them there are and how they are only a tiny component of a huge more important entity.

So, is our planet just a cell in a larger body that we can never stand back far enough to gauge. Are we only performing a tiny task within a bigger "entity?"

When we die do we get to see the bigger perspective? Is that what religious doctrine has been trying to explain in mere mortal words that can't describe something so shocking it changes everything?

I doubt our "little minds" could even imagine what that "bigger entity" is.

This is the kind of thing my mind contemplates when I sit under the stars at night. I guess some folks imagine traveling to the moon or think about tomorrow and the next day and the next. Not me, I wonder what I can't see.

I guess that's why I hunt ghosts.


  1. I love your philosophical type wonderings! I have wondered about the very same things-although not in the same way as you-great idea! I had a post back in Dec-i think where i said the nothingness that the universe sprang from should have been so complete-that it should not even have had the 'quantum vacuum' that science talks of to spring from-best to you as always!

  2. Yes, we ARE, most assuredly, cells in a larger organism, too large to fully comprehend in our finite minds. Anyone who has achieved cosmic consciousness (-and opted to return to tell the tale-) surely 'Gnos' that morsel of Truth.

    ALSO, our cells contain within THEM the wisdom of the ages. Sooo... thank you for all your powerful inquisitiveness, Autumn. You're truly a breath of mountain fresh air in the field of parapsychology.

    Y Gwir yn Erbyn y Byd!
    Anadæ ( :-)}

    P.S. I cast my ballot for that Reaper & not a troll for your Hallowe'en shindig. Definitely!

  3. Thanks. I also have a theory on DNA memory--our family's history being passed on through their DNA to us, the same for having an organ transplant and taking on the donor's characteristic likes and dislikes... Intriguing things to think about.

  4. WNCPRS.blogspot.com

    As a fellow investigator, I stumbled across your blog the other day and I have been reading from day one to now, of course. This particular post reminded me of that scene in MIB II where Jay says to Kay (about the beings in the locker) "How can they be happy in there you should let them out." And Kay says to Jay, "You have so much to learn." And Kay kicks open the exit it door and the camera pans out to show rows and rows of lockers.

    I have thought this very same thing many times. That I am just a happy little furry being in that locker. Perfectly content with my life. That is until I start hearing things from the locker next to us that no one else believes is there. This is when I become an investigator.

    Your opinions so far have caused me to think or disagree or pursuade me into seeing a different point of view. I hope that you keep this up in the rest of your blog and beyond. Keep writing.