Wednesday, December 3, 2008

String Theory and Ghost Phenomena

Thank you so much History Channel’s “Universe” show for doing an episode recently on “Parallel Universes.” This is very close to what I believe is occurring when we experience ghost phenomena.

In the episode, a scientist sat in a boat and explained how he is riding on a membrane and believes he is part of the entire world, but below him in the water is another world. The two are unaware of each other, as they’re not interacting. If you take this a step further, should a man fall off the boat into the water, he suddenly becomes part of the other world, seen by the fish, and at the same time seen by us in this dimension.


It’s the very sporadic nature of the ghost phenomenon, the “defying” the laws of physics, like objects being thrown by unseen hands or full body apparitions walking through walls that can understandably be explained by a less knowledgeable man from the 1700’s or 1800s as a spirit. The only other dimension “known” to him is the spiritual world.

But what if this kind of temporary interaction is like the man who falls off the boat? What if we occasionally break the membrane and are a ghost to their world or they break our membrane and are a ghost to our world? People of another dimension living in their own world perhaps believing that’s all there is and then…boom—they see a glimpse of one of us walking through a wall when in actuality we’re in this dimension walking through our office hallway.


String theory supports the concept of other dimensions. In fact, the Large Hadron Collider in Europe hopes to test this theory when they collide particles at super speed. These theories support "multiverses" instead of a "universe." If such a thing were proven true, it could certainly help us account for vague interactive and rare occasions of sightings, sounds, and sensations that don't seem to be "of this world."

Perhaps the hardest thing to disregard in common hauntings is the sightings occurring in buildings with “reputations” from the past, sites of murder and other drama. Still, if you take this a step further, it’s entirely possible that certain sites attract more energy from a neighboring/interacting dimension and therefore “super energize” the site to be a place of cruelty, murder, or angst. Sites such as Stonehenge might have been logical locations given the “feeling” this region gave the builders. Perhaps it’s the same for the Pyramids.

Are we as humans attracted to those places that are haunted or are those places haunted because we are attracted to them?

Could hair rising on her neck, chilly air, and drained batteries all be signs of a moment in which the dimensions will interact with each other in a way that is able to be picked up by our senses?


Of course, it’s not the only explanation for ghost phenomenon. There could actually be human souls that somehow didn’t find their way to their promise land and their God forgot to instruct them upon leaving the human body. But, then, perhaps those departed people’s energy simply made the great leap into another dimension where they happily live out a life that occasionally overlaps with ours in which we become ghosts to each other. This would also neatly explain why deceased loved ones don’t usually contact us (except conveniently while we sleep). Had they a soul that could defy heaven and earth, they would have sent word. But, had they been, not a soul in flight but a person in another dimension, their contact with us would be impossible, no matter how much we beg and plead.

Science has a ways to go to test such theories, but it intrigues me to think that we could be encountering another dimension even more than seeing a spirit of a once living person. It explains the randomness, the on and off nature of hauntings, and the difficulty interacting.

The string theory explanation might also work for those who believe in reincarnation, as the possibility that upon death we exit to be born into another dimension’s world would fit nicely into that belief system.

The only people who might have difficulty with the concept of hauntings being interactions with other dimensions are those who are religious. Still, that they believe hauntings are souls confuses me. It defies what the Church tells them of a place that they go to after this life, a reward or a punishment. The concept that God is a parent who doesn’t know where his children are wandering in the afterlife isn’t a very respectful one. I should think the concept that there are other dimensions creating this phenomenon would be much less offensive to their sensitivities.

I’m pleased with string theory and ghost hunting and believe there is something there but it will take quite some time to really grasp just how and why our dimensions might interact. I’m still open to the concept of souls of the living, but there is still no way to prove that souls aren’t in another dimension and not in some filmy between world where they still wander you halls at night rapping on doors and occasionally showing you glimpses of them.

Then, again, it’s quite possible that the other dimensions are the heavens.

See why I love this field?


  1. Awesome concept on an age old fear of the unknown and trying to understand the paranormal. Kudos! I don't know how you explained it here, but it was very understandable for a 'way out' theory, and made it easy to grasp.

  2. This is an interesting piece. It raises many questions, and some answers. Ever since someone close to me died I've been searching for enlightenment. But not of the religious kind. The kind based in fact. Some of your theories are provocative but not out of the 'realm' of possibility.

  3. How funny. I, myself, had this same thought after watching the very
    same episode of "The Universe" a couple of years ago. The part for me
    that was intriguing was when, during the show, they show dinosaurs
    walking through the guy's living room, show how another dimension may
    exist and overlap ours. What's even more interesting is that string
    theory states that, in order for it to "work", there must exist
    exactly 11 dimensions (if memory serves). In George Anderson's book,
    "We Don't Die", he states there are seven levels of the afterlife.
    This would work well with string theory. The first four dimensions we
    are all familiar with (up/down, left/right, forward/backward, and
    space/time). Could the other seven dimensions of string theory be the
    seven Mr. Anderson was talking about? By the way, the book is old,
    but you should check it out if you haven't yet.

  4. Excellent comment! I think some people are frightened of the concept that ghosts could be other dimensional beings, but I find that it makes the universe even more sensible. If one follows the doctrine we have souls and they reside in heaven, then God doesn't allow stragglers and everyone is accounted for. Our world just got bigger by bringing in other dimensions.

  5. I agree with you actually. The dimensions are actually more adding onto our world by being able to experience the different stages that the after life does and being able to just know that there's other dimensions is great!!!!!!1