Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Like a Ghost Hunter

Approach the polling place as you would a haunted site. Look around, familiarize yourself with the in’s and out’s, it’s quirks and weaknesses.

Do not let yourself be distracted by the sounds. These places have a tendency to creak and moan, rattle and rumble. Persevere through your anxiety and remain.

Good ghost hunters do not run away!

Remember, your fellow hunters are counting on you to make decisions and act upon them. Show good leadership and a good example.

You might sense others are nearby. Do not think of them as ghosts. Think of them as people who had lives, families, and jobs. They do not want to scare you, they are simply going about their own business.

Clearly, the most frightening moment for any ghost hunting voter is when he is in his voting cubicle. Do not let the isolation crack you. You are made of stronger stuff. Learn to sit and be still for a moment. Note your body sweating, heart pounding, hairs standing on end, but let yourself ride it out. This will pass once you hand in your ballot. You will be proud of how brave you were.

Clearly, your skills as a ghost hunter will help you review evidence and make logic-based decisions when choosing your candidate. Don’t let religious teachings or old-fashioned spiritualists sway you with their tales of gloom and doom. Question everything. Sense yourself in a protective white light and carry on with your task knowing that you have considered every possible cause and reaction to make the ultimate voting decision. Stick by your conclusions based on evidence.

Remember, we are not just electing a president, we are exercising our rights to make logical decisions but still believe in magic!

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  1. Awesome! Awesome! The last line is the very best. Thank you!