Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It occurred to me that if residual hauntings occur in sites where something traumatic has occurred, isn't it possible that the site could receive a new emotional imprint that negates the prior one?

Could a happy functioning family make a dark house bright? Could the birth of a baby in a bathtub in a home create a new harmony? Can our general intentions (good or bad) taint our surroundings and leave a residue?

This came to my attention when I had an energy spot in my hallway that I can't's just a lot weird things happened there that were too coincidental. Curious, I took out some dowsing rods and went around the house to find they crossed every time I entered the hallway. I've long thought of hallways as strange passageways for energy, as are roads and stairwells. More on that in a future entry...

When I discovered that this weird acting hallway caused a crossing of the dowsing rods, I had a few other people try it. Same result (without them knowing where they crossed for me). I then thought for a time about whatever might have left a "disruption" in the happy energy of my house and thought..what the heck, experiment.

I proceeded to sit in the hallway 15 minutes each day for a week. I put my hands on the floor and I thought about the happiest times in my life and pictured my loved ones and how much I adore them (ironically this is good for the disposition too because I felt awesome all week long). I gave up after a week and figured I'd check the dowsing rods again. Who knows? Maybe something positive occurred.

The rods no longer crossed. It's been almost a year and not a strange thing has occured in that weird hallway, other than when I enter it I have a new sense of positive energy associated with being in the hall.

Should a person believe something disruptive is in his home, I know from a cognitive-therapy point of view, that giving that area a new meaning, a new memory is really helpful. I'd say, if you have a closet that makes scratching sounds and generally scares you, try taking the door off. Try cleaning and rearranging it. Then, try hanging something in there that's positive and happy, whether it's a dreamcatcher, a picture of a loved one, a locket of your child's hair. Try spending some time sitting in there, looking through photo albums, playing a board game with your kids to fill the place with laughter. More often than not, humans avoid places that make them uneasy. But, we can make those places have new meaning with a shrine to a missed loved one or a quiet haven where you read alone in the afternoon.

Bring sunlight and good feelings into your home -- in all its dark and dreary corners and you'll help to give the place new memories.

It is possible to change the house's memories, as the house I grew up in gets further from Civil War era with more and more happy families habitating it, it's become a much kinder quieter haunting.

Have a good time haunting your home while you're alive and remember...some day it's passed on to someone else and their mood in the house will be colored by the way you spent your time there...


  1. Hello, Ms. Autumn!

    I do not know the answer to your question. I think that spirits are like people: each one is different and most are temperamental.

    I work at a military establishment where there is a particular house that is reputed to be haunted....this is really not in debate at all. Even our Public Works guys won't go in there alone, so much has happened.

    However, military families still are required to live in the house, although they are told up front there are strange things going on there (to say the least). (Yes, the government actually concedes the house is haunted - that's proof enough for me.)

    Anywho, one family recently decided they would not only gladly live in such a house, they would have a talk right up front and let the residents know there was no need to worry, they weren't there to harm, they wanted to co-exist, etc. and while there were still things that happened that cannot be explained, they claim the experience was not altogether bad. They seemed to have reached an agreement, if you will.

    I don't know if you can change the aura, the energy, but I believe it's worth trying.

    I really need to come back here and read's fascinating to me.

  2. BTW - I am going to head down New Point and look for your house, probably next week.