Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Synesthetic Psychic

As far as the condition of synesthesia is concerned, the online dictionary states, “A sensation produced in one modality when a stimulus is applied to another modality, as when the hearing of a certain sound induces the visualization of a certain color.”

My form of synesthesia is in relation to time/days/months/years. I see it in a 3-dimensional model that is outside of my body. I didn’t know others thought of time and days and such like calendars until I was well into adulthood and read an article about people with a “disorder” for seeing time such as mine. I was shocked to learn others didn’t see time that way. For me, January juts out of my right cheek. If you say, “let’s go to North Carolina in January,” I’m seeing the calendar jutting from my right cheek outside of my body aiming slightly to the right and level with my cheek as that time period.

Yeah, I guess that is weird.

My ability to read objects began when I was very young and we would dig up artifacts at my manor home and I would read their history by holding them. In antique shops, I was often overwhelmed by things “yelling” for attention. I didn’t know what to touch first.

I never thought their was a connection until I was doing a reading of an object and realized that when I read something, I see it out my right side slightly below eye level and it’s in a stacked form as if I’m sifting through a card deck until I stop on a piece of information that applies. I then “lay out” the cards as I get them and read them, all of this projected outside of my body as I read it.

Is there a connection between synesthesia and psychometry (the ability to read objects)? Or, do I access my psychic information the same way I do time organizationally? Or, does the fact I read objects like I read time mean that I’m reading actual time?

I’d be curious to see what research comes from the study of synesthesia but I’d be a lot more intrigued to find out if other psychics read information in the manner that I do and if they also view time in such a manner?

If you know anyone who does or you do, please write back. It’s an ongoing research for me.

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