Monday, October 20, 2008

Ghost Adventures--Taunting Rules!

I can't help as an investigator to watch what others are doing out there. I recently saw the new show "Ghost Adventures" on the Travel Channel based on a team that assembled to do a documentary. I won't make a big commentary on what I think of overnight ghost hunters, but I do have a few things I like about their approach.

Yeah, Zak is a bit of a dick. You kind of hope he gets knocked around when he's hunting because he's like that schoolyard bully that beefs up his muscles to make up for a lack somewhere else and is constantly insecure, but I have to give him kudos for his taunting techniques. These guys might have woke up one morning and decided to become ghost hunters, but they figured out something other teams are missing out on. Taunting.

I have to brave the world of ghost hunters with those who are of a spiritual bend with very old-fashioned ideas of hauntings. They're terrified of possession and provoking and being hurt by the unseen. When I'm not choking down a laugh, I want to break apart and spend some serious time working up emotion to make the phenomenon show itself.

I've found over the years a true correlation between emotion setting an event into a place and releasing it, as well. When I grew up in a house that had a great deal of poltergeist activity, emotional outbursts amongst family members seemed to feed the fuel. When I was in a cemetery one quiet night where nothing was happening in my photos, a couple sitting on a bench having a very loud argument seemed to stir things up and I had a great deal of activity in the shots I took while they argued. When I go to a grave where a family just left flowers, there's more activity.

Why is that? Does emotion release this phenomenon?

I think we'll agree that when Jason and Grant provoke on "Ghost Hunters" and Zak and the gang taunt on "Ghost Adventures" we see a lot more reaction. If anything, I think we're just too linear in our thinking that when an event occurs it's over and does not exist anymore. In some way, parts of that event or the entire event could reside in the same space for unknown periods of time and release itself.

When I was growing up and the footfalls fell up the stairs and down the hall with heavy booted sounds, it didn't happen at the exact same time every night, but it did happen once the last person was in bed. Was it our relaxation and alpha state that helped make conditions right for an event to recur?

I'm up for any thoughts on the matter, but for now I have absolutely no fear of taunting and I think whether you're in a sad mood, angry mood, or terrified mood, you might be feeding the fuel in a haunted site.

So, thanks made-overnight ghost hunting team for at least being willing to provoke an emotional reaction from the environment. Now, if we could just get the guys to quit running and screaming like girls!

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