Monday, October 27, 2008

Feng Shui For Ghosts

I’ve had a theory for years about the way a home is laid out in relation to the degree with which its haunted. I was thrilled to come across a book that handles the concept of Feng Shui and ghost hunting called “Confessions of a Feng Shui for Ghost-Buster” by Anna Maria Prezio. The book really reiterated for me the common sense of a home’s layout and its activity.

It isn’t surprising to most why attics and basements seem more haunted. Just look at the way most of them are laid out. I don’t recall a single “Ghost Hunters” episode where they didn’t enter a home and explore to find musty messy catch-all basements and rickety box-filled attics. The more chatchkeys, the more hauntings. The more antiques, the more hauntings. Messy, dark, and cram-packed rooms are the worst offenders.

According to the book (above), darkness attracts spirits and cluttered dark rooms are just asking for action.

Here’s an example of how this works. I was called to a house in Casa Grande, Arizona where the owners were having trouble with lots of different sightings and sounds. The young daughter was afraid to sleep in her bedroom because she said there was something in the closet. The house was a shambles. The parents were housing two disabled people, along with very busy jobs and care of family members. The child’s closet was filled to the brim with “stuff.”

My suggestion? I don’t like parents using the “G” (ghost) word around children if they can help it, so I told the mother to explain to the daughter that more than likely it’s the things in her closet shifting that’s causing the sounds. She was to take everything out of there and leave it empty for a week. If the child stopped hearing things (which she will because there’s nothing in there), then you can tell her that was the issue, and tell her that when you put things back in there, it’ll start making noise again. This is a win-win situation. Should there be anything mischievous in the closet, it is now attributed in the child’s mind to her possessions shifting. If there was nothing supernatural occurring, the sound is now explainable.

Sometimes people with the most stress in their lives let things go. The first thing to “go” is their home. They’re too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed to clear it out and make sense of it, but their things can literally and figuratively haunt them if they don’t clear out the debris.

When it comes to found objects, that’s a different matter. Often times after inheriting objects from a family member, activity starts up. Sometimes the best thing to do is to give that piece a place of honor and memory where everyone can be near it and a part of the relative still associated with it might also feel part of the family. If you tuck it in a closet somewhere, it’s likely to “come back to haunt you.” Look at it like a new puppy. You have to have it nearby and let it see you and hear you and know you’re near. Recognize it. Pat it. Let him know you think of him every time you touch the object. In the case of buying antiques, you don’t know what you’re bringing home. I’m not of the mind that anything is “evil” so I’m not concerned for anyone’s piece of mind, but I know when you treat a piece with respect, it will feel important and not angry. So, if you pick up an antique, polish it up, make it nice, use it with respect, and be proud of it. You’ll be rewarded in the long run.

A lot of this is common sense and logic. Pathways of the house need to be clear so energy can run about. And it will. It will take a pathway over and over and over again, but will become disrupted when you place furnishings, boxes, and other things in the way. The main long-runs in your house should stay clear like stairways and hallways and curtains should be opened during the daytime to let in some sun. Remember, if you can’t walk the path without maneuvering, neither can they and they might just get stuck there and cause activity in that spot where it creates a kind of “loop.” (picture the pinball when it gets stuck bouncing between two paddles over and over again unable to shoot itself out of the yo-yo’ing).

If you’re on a call to a home and you’re investigating, also keep in mind the dead ends and pathways of the house, the darkness and the crowding. You’re very likely to be able to change things without any hocus pocus, just some simple guidelines for the owner to get their S#@! together


  1. Would love to read the book! I am a firm believer in Feng Shui. And try to arrange both my house and my garden accordingly.

    What you have written makes total sense! What works for us, should work for them as well.
    My sister has a total clutter free house. And she experiences nothing. Even though I know she has close to the same abilities as myself when it comes to the supernatural.

    Hubby & I have a lot of antiques - both those that have been passed on to us from family as well as some pieces we have purchased. We love our antiques! And we have a fair amount of activity in our home. In fact in all the houses we have had. I attribute the reason for a lot of the activity to the antiques. While my sis doesn't like antiques.

  2. Hey Jeanne;
    I have to admit, as someone who has lost a lot of family members and someone who can read objects, I'm really careful what I bring into the home just because it can drag me down or boost me up. The family diamond my mom wore and her aunt wore was worn by two women with hard lives, lots of loss, and tons of physical pain, so I really don't like it. In fact, I keep it in a safety deposit box. I hope that over time, being buried in there with some stones, maybe it'll calm it out enough for my son to give it to his bride some day. Some antiques, like one old chair I have from our summer home, has a very haunted feel about it, but it's a good one. I love that. It's like having your house filled with positive spirits and guardians.