Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Psychokinesis and Hauntings

Psychokinesis: The ability of the mind to move objects.

It’s come to my attention while ghost hunting that there’s a strange correlation between certain people and activity. A home that has problems only when one person is present, a ghost hunter who seems to capture a lot of evidence…

Have you ever watched an episode of “Ghost Hunters” and seen kinetic events occurring around Grant Wilson? The K2 meter responding to him, a drum falling on him, a receipt machine spitting out a receipt, a chair he sat in moving…That’s not to say he has any conscious ability to create phenomenon, but it is possible that he can make instruments respond and objects move by his own energy fields. You don’t see Steve Gonsalves having this kind of response to the environment. This is a real interesting aspect of ghost hunting that I’d like to pursue further.

Can people that are doing the hunting or those who are being “haunted” actually be the catalysts?

There are probably some logical ways to try and determine if human psychokinesis (the same phenomenon witnessed in poltergeist activity) is affecting hauntings. Setting up instruments in a building and having all humans leave the facility would be the ideal situation to find genuine phenomenon. Even EVPs can be suspicious as there is no way as of yet to tell if the mind can or cannot imprint itself into a digital or tape recording. If a human is capable of touching an object and reading it, then the boundaries of mind and body and object is fluid and not solid as we tend to view it.

I’m only just starting to explore this theory. I try to take note when I can who is present and what occurs so that person could potentially be taken out of the situation and see if it continues. I tend to believe that what’s occurring is that some people just have a physical body that is more conducive to activity. The question is whether this is the spirit using the person as a conduit to form or being attracted to that person’s inherent energy field or if the nervous expression of energy in the person creates strange happenings like in poltergeist activity.

Like all other subjects in the field, it’ll take me a while to develop my theories and look for answers, but for now I’m looking for patterns and making correlations and eventually I hope to have a solid theory about this phenomenon of people attracting “hauntings.”

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