Are We Ghosts?

There’s an assumption made by those in the paranormal research field that the phenomenon that is occurring is linked to ghosts, spirits, souls, those who have passed on. Because the causant is not seen, it is assumed to be of a spiritual nature. But, what if it were of a physical nature?

What if a woman in California was minding her own business, having a conversation and a portion of her words passed over and were heard by a man in Iowa who wondered if he’d just experienced a ghost?

I am a logic-minded person who is quick to admit that I believe things can always be explained in the physical world. It will take, I believe, a marriage of quantam physics and paranormal investigation is likely to create a feasible explanation for what is occurring. Even if we are to assume spirits exist and are haunting places and people, they would still be of a physical world nature in that their energy and whatever substance they retain would be of the universe and some as of yet unexplained rules we didn't know about physics.

Sometimes, things are held in surroundings. When people complain about ghostly happenings during renovations, to me it makes logical sense. They’re releasing the house’s memories. Sometimes, the footsteps or the screams of the people who lived there can be re-released. The conditions for that are unknown yet, but some day I am certain we will know the modality.

Consequently, I have had dreams of a past life that seemed extremely real. I saw my reflection in a mirror. I knew who I was. Her life was my life. At least, that’s how it felt. But, with that in mind, I also know from doing readings on other people that when I read them, I read their memories and see things through their eyes. They become my memories and seem very true to my life. Someone who isn’t particularly attuned to their psychic abilities who has these visions of a past life would believe that they actually lived it themselves, but that’s not necessarily true. They saw the lives through the eyes of a psychic doing a reading and understanding the person’s motivations, their viewpoint, their surroundings, their feelings… To someone who doesn’t practice psychic readings, it would seem as he himself had lived that life. What intrigues me the most is what conditions allow these stuff to "bleed" over and for others on this "side" to be able to capture it with their ears or eyes or psychic senses.

Why then could people not pass by a history or even a current event and glimpse each other and think, “was that a ghost?” To the man in Iowa in the woman in California who brush up against each other’s lives, could they believe each is haunting the other? What if the other side isn’t another side, but another dimension? Is it possible we travel in our dreams and "haunt" others with an ethereal astral projection of ourselves?

If you begin to look at haunting events as possibilities for the expansion of quantam physics and the discovery of a whole new "world" we didn't know existed, it's an exciting field. I try not to limit myself to the hunt for souls, but the hunt for the physical world's most fascinating aspects--the as of yet unknown and unmapped.


  1. What you propose is entirely possible - at least I feel it is. Because frequently the sounds/words/movements that are associated with a "haunting' really have no bearing on anyone or anything that was associated with the area/building in which the "haunting" takes place.

    Could demon possessions be caused by the overlapping of our dimension with another? Two bodies occupying the same space?

  2. Jeanne;
    You're right about the randomness of sound and sight.

    I don't personally believe in demons or possession, so I'm probably not a good person to ask about that subject, but if I suspend my belief system long enough to suppose such a thing were possible, otherly dimensional beings might be an explanation, if one eliminates mental illness issues or someone who is highly sensitive to spirit activity.


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