Thursday, September 21, 2017

Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season

Are you getting in the Halloween mood? While the youth of today experience a less tactile Halloween than middle agers did, we are left wondering "how do I get the spirit back?" Well, it's time to claim Halloween and my book "Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season!" shows you how!

Halloween isn't just a day, it's a whole season and adults love it just as much as kids! This book, "Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season!" by Sharon Day is an extensive guide for reclaiming the season adult style. It covers how to live Halloween every day, how to make it more horrifying, goth, nostalgic, and sexy. It includes guides on how to challenge your fears, drink and movie pairings, carving, talking to the dead, urban exploration, country fairs, spooky photography, phobia theater, yard haunt tips, recipes and more. If you are already a big kid about the Halloween season, this book will help you launch into a new level of terror and celebration - adult style!

Chapters -

Everyday Halloween
Hobbies, collectibles, fashion, decorating, entertainment, tastes and scents for year-round.

Horrifying Halloween
Upping the horror factor for Halloween with party ideas and ways to push the limits of fear.

Nostalgic/Traditional Halloween
The 1950s, 60s, and 70s traditional Halloween and autumnal season themes with endless activities.

Gothic Halloween
A spiritualist/turn-of-the-century/Poe Halloween including how to talk to the dead and traditional gothic Halloween themes.

Sexy Halloween
A sexy adult Halloween including games, dark sensual exploration, party events and games.

Yard Haunts
How to develop haunt themes with prop-making tips and enjoying the season in a dark theater manner.

Phobia Theater
Movie suggestions for immersing in phobic subjects, as well as movie-watching parties based on the themes.

Movie and Drink Pairings
How to choose a horror genre theme and what movie, food and drink pairings go best.

Pushing Your Fear Tolerance
Lots of ways to bring back the childhood fear factor by putting ourselves into some scary situations.

Spooky Photography
How to take scary shots to document the season.

Tips on carving pumpkins.

Dale the Doll

The life of a ventriloquist doll.

Adult versions of holiday favorites.

Where to find stuff!

This book will really get you in the mood! Happy season! 

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