Monday, May 15, 2017

Desert-Dwelling Bigfoot: Horizon City Monster

I am beginning a series of posts ongoing on GHT concerning the viability of Bigfoot in the desert. I expect to also be trekking to some locations to show the environments and what they have to offer to share the feasibility that Bigfoot can live anywhere. I begin the series today with the case of the Horizon City, Texas Bigfoot sightings.

Horizon City, Texas in El Paso County has about 17,000 residents in a quaint desert town. This quiet subdivision on arid lands is one of the last places one would suspect a Bigfoot to roam and yet repeatedly there have been reports of a "Monster" walking the desert fringes.

Sightings of a 7-foot tall being that is broad-shouldered, with an elongated head, dark hair all over, "ape-like," with red glowing eyes have been reported walking the desert in the Horizon City area have been reported since the 1970s. 

Many of the reports have been called either hoaxes or sightings of an indigent living in the mountains nearby. 

Some claim there are caverns the creature lives in, but a geologist from the university claims that there can't be any caverns as there is no limestone. 

(LINKA report of a possible Bigfoot camouflage effect is based on the Horizon City Monster account by Ms. Montanez who lives in the desert east of El Paso, TX. 

She first spotted the Bigfoot hunched over a dead coyote by the edge of the highway out in the desert. As she drove closer the creature stood up, walked up a mesquite mound and jogged down the other side. 

She said his head was originally taller than the mound, and yet he kept appearing to go down and down and down (step-wise), into the ground! 

Although Montanez could not see the Bigfoot actually entering the ground (due to the small mound being in the way), she insisted that there had to have been a cave it entered. 

She left and returned the following day to find the coyote gone, any footprints swiped by the winds, and no apparent cave entrance! 

She then concluded that the Bigfoot must've had a trap door hidden under the dirt which he entered, although she could not find it. 

Realize that Ms. Montanez was attempting to rationalize what she saw to explain an unexplainable "disappearance" of Bigfoot. The biggest question is not necessarily did he go into the ground but how did he make her THINK he went into the ground if he did not? Or better yet, where did he actually go?

Even those who have witnessed Bigfoots or simply believe in them, have trouble with the concept of a desert Bigfoot. In the coming months here on GHT, I hope to share some ongoing investigations here in the Desert Southwest. Anywhere Native People have been able to settle and thrive, so can Bigfoot. And, if my belief that they are Denisovans is correct, they have a gene that makes them able to adapt to any climate. 

Here in the Valley of the Sun in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, reports have come out from the Salt River on the East side and the Gila River on the west. 

I know one person who is in his latter years who grew up on the west side. He and his family used to go fishing down in the canals near the Gila and he had one encounter where he came up on one as it was near the water. It was an encounter he never stop pondering and wondering about another tribe of archaic humans thriving along the waterways.

(LINK from BFRO site) 1992This happened in Gila Bend Arizona. My sister and her friend had went horseback riding down to the river bottom just north of the farm we lived on. I decided to ride out and meet them, so I took out one of our real gentle horses that never got excited and jumped on him bareback. My parents two dogs (rottweilers) were with me. When I got to the North end of the farm I had to turn west and ride parallel with the Gila River. There was a barbed wire fence between me and the river bottom. On the other side of the fence was overgrown with salt cedar trees. There was a cement ditch on the other side of the road which lead to a big sump full of farm run off water. When we got close to an opening in the fence, the two dogs started sniffing the air and acted a little excited and the horse was getting real antsy. I thought they could smell the other horses and I was close to them. All of a sudden the horse just stopped and started trying to rear up and when I looked around the dogs were gone. They had started running through the field back toward my parents' house. I heard something and looked at the trees and standing behind a tree looking straight at me was what I thought was a gorilla, then it stepped from behind the tree in full view. It was very tall because the fence didn't even reach the top of its leg, and it was covered from head to toe in long brown hair that was all matted and had salt cedar branches tangled in it. It just stood there looking at me with a curious look on its face. I held the horse as long as I could hold him and just stared back trying to comprehend what I was seeing. I was riding bareback and knew I couldn't stay on much longer if I didn't get away. I let the horse take off running to get to the road leading back to the house. We had to run about a quarter of mile along the river and this horse was in a full out run, yet this thing seemed to be staying with us through the salt cedars. It was running on two legs along the fence just inside the trees with us. When I turned on the road toward the house I looked back and it was just standing there. I ran all the way home and told my dad and brother who laughed at me and told me I was just seeing things. They did however drive down to the river bottom looking for my sister and her friend. They didn't see or find anything as far as what I had seen. My sister and her friend said when they were coming out of the river their horses were acting scared but they didn't see anything. A few years later, my dad and my uncle had found a strange set of large bare foot tracks with what appeared to have claws in the mud near the same location.

ALSO NOTICED: My dad and uncle found strange tracks which appeared to be large primate type with claws a few years later.


OTHER STORIES: Yes, I was told a few years later that two kids went to the river and went back to town scared and told their parents that a gorilla had chased them in the river bottom. I didn't know them and I had never told anyone other than my family about what I had seen because they laughed at me and I never wanted to be teased about it. I still prefer to stay anonymous.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was late afternoon, or early evening before sun set.

ENVIRONMENT: The dry River Bottom that was covered in Salt Cedar trees.

Can Bigfoot exist in the desert? If they can live in the semi-tropical areas of Florida and Texas, the extreme northern climates of Alaska and Canada, the farmlands of the Ohio Valley, and the verdant, four-season regions of Appalachia and the Ozarks, there adaptability knows no bounds. 

More coming to the blog about the ongoing research into desert Bigfoot that I personally will be involved with in the field.

More info:

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  1. These things seem to show up almost everywhere meaning they do have the ability to adapt to almost any environment. 1975 rural Grant County Arkansas was scene of quite a few sightings with one that was seen behind a barn at set of rabbit hutches. The creature opened the hutches and ate the rabbits. There were also stories of calves being taken from some of the local herds.

    1. Yes! When researchers looked at the Denisovans gene in the Inuit people, they found that it gave them a chromosome to be adaptable to all climates. If my hunch is right and these are modern-day Denisovans, they are built for high altitudes and can tolerate cold, but can adopt to any weather - loving Texas as much as Colorado. Really anywhere you have Native people acclimated, they can too.