Wednesday, October 31, 2012

EVP Session with John Wolfe of Season of Shadows

Many of us in the blogger world miss our beloved Halloween Blogger, John Wolfe. He ran the blog "Season of Shadows" for years, sharing his talent for building props to create amazing Halloween haunts for the children, donated to charities, did amazing giveaways, and was the most gentle heart in all the world and the greatest devotee for authentic and atmospheric Halloween season. He passed away this past springtime and it is Julie and I's hope to keep him alive each Halloween. His life was online and there we hope to keep him going in this honored holiday season. Here is my online memorial to learn about him. Here is a charity (Unicef tap project) that was his driving force if you'd like to make a donation in his memory.

Before John passed, he offered to have EVP sessions with us whenever we wanted. Julie and I sat down to perform one and it is below. What is interesting is that before we started, I went into the other room and felt a rush of energy sort of knock me over and I felt this sense of John waving "come on!!!" I felt an urgency. I came into the dining room for our session and Julie said, "I felt a rush of energy while I was on the sofa." It had prompted her to go to the dining room for the session.

Before I ask the first question, Julie and I clearly heard on playing this on speakers, a man's voice say something short and then one word as I first speak. We also heard footsteps on hard ground at the 45 second spot. As well, there was knocking sounds near the end and right after I say, "he was a humanitarian and an artist and a dreamer..." you hear what sounds like "Wolfe!" (4:16 mark) But we're not certain that is what it was. The conditions in which we did this EVP session were exceedingly silent. We did it late at night with no sounds from outside or anything in the room. Had we heard anything, we would have tagged it. His friend and a family member listened to it and believed they heard all sorts of things within, but we were not able to make those out. We have plans to try this again, but we were quit excited and chilled to get what we did.

We wish you all a wonderful Halloween. In case you are curious, here is some video of John working on one of his many amazing creations and another video of one of the haunts he created for the kids. We miss you, John, and we keep you in our Halloweens.


  1. Wonderful post. I shared it everywhere.

  2. This is a beautiful memorial to John, and so fitting that it should be on Halloween!

    Happy Halloween, Sharon!

  3. Thank you. You know you've led a life well lived when you leave such an impression that nothing is ever the same for those who loved you. Halloween now has taken on an even more magical meaning to me when I think of continuing his child-like exuberance.