My Favorite Research Channels on YouTube

I watch a lot of research channels on YouTube. I am so proud of the minds that ask questions, buck mainstream archaeology that touts the same storyline for whatever entity(ies) control our knowledge. I appreciate these minds for voicing counter concepts, hypotheses, new ways to look at evidence, and to archive stories of witnesses and the like. 

Here's my favorites in order from 1-5.

I am so addicted to this channel. If you could stalk an intellectual YouTube Channel, I guess I'm stalking this site, awaiting new info and rewatching prior vids. It is rare to come across a researcher who has the same bend on what's going on in academia/religion/politics to keep the public on one-track of pasteurized and meticulously skewed "reality" of man's past. This fantastic channel exposes the TRUTH that they don't want us seeing about prior cultures that were not us, who were advanced, and who left behind traces of language, culture, construction, religion, mining, that advanced our slow learning curve to the fast track. 

#2  Earthfiles
Linda Moulton Howe is one of my all-time favorite researchers. She is an expert in cattle mutilation but has so many connections around the world and in the military and intelligence that she brings on all kinds of subjects from a potential power station pyramid in Alaska to alien interference on Earth, and so much more! 

Terry's mission is a great one - to document glyphs and missing treasures, advanced prior technology, and other legends/tales/witnesses to archive knowledge that could go missing in a few years as elders pass on without passing the knowledge. He keeps you wondering, has a curious and keen mind, and a great respect for his elders. I can't get enough of the treasure seeker's stories and the long-forgotten halls of ancient giants. 

They cover everything from ancient ruins to Annunaki, forbidden knowledge to lost cities. You can do marathons with this channel and be glued to the TV. 

This is like a wee mix of In Search of and Kolchak the Night Stalker. I feel like I'm in a 1970s retro machine to chase all the unexplained mysteries with all the excitement of the first time learning. UFOs, science, philosophy, AI, life on other planets.... Your mind will get massive stimulation pondering all aspects of life. 

Tip: When you watch a video, they often times show possible other ones you might want to watch. These can be a great way to find new channels and content to add to your favorites.