Saturday, November 16, 2019

Mississippi Ghosts, Mississippi Bigfoot, Mississippi UFOs: The Unexplained Collective

I'm very proud to be associated with The Unexplained Collective made up of a group of expert researchers and led by Marcus Ellis (a most adept researchers). This group helps witnesses in Mississippi with unexplained encounters of all kinds - strange lights, UFOs, Bigfoot, Dogman, ghosts, and more!  For anyone in the state with strange encounters, this is a group of very responsible, mature, intelligent, and thoughtful researchers who can search for answers and help you reframe the experience in a new light. 

Check out our website - THE UNEXPLAINED COLLECTIVE
Check out our Facebook page - THE UNEXPLAINED COLLECTIVE
Check out Marcus Ellis's Blog - Monstrum Venandi 

Do be sure to bookmark these. I am so very proud to be associated with these researchers.

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