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Village Found Of A Race Of Little People?

Source:  In 2005, a small mummified body was found in Iran in a village called Makhunik.  The dwarf sized mummy was almost 10 inches long.  Many looked at the architecture and made an assumption this had to be a city of dwarves. Archaeologists tried to dispute the notion when it went public. Another researcher said that it was a premature baby that was mummified. After being examined, it was determined the mummy was that of someone about 16 or 17 years old. Reports are that the items and the city itself were built of a scale that seemed off and would be ideal for a population of Lilliputians. Oddly, it was found the citizens covered their doors with mud and fled. It would appear they expected to return.

(Village above - rather small, eh?)

I recently wrote about the Littlefoots in America found in a large population in Tennessee.  -
Referred to as "pygmies," these skeletons were found buried in crypts just outside of Sparta, Tennessee in the County of White and reported in the Nashville Whig in June 1820. These graves had many bodies, all of them quite small. 
Some of the crypts were as small as 18 inches by 12 inches. The first grave was 2 feet long and inside the small skeleton and its teeth had the researcher wondering if it was canine or monkey. He had them sent off to be examined. 

They were buried with care in a stone crypt and had shells and urns with them. The bones were so old they crumbled quite easily. One skull the examiner held up was 5" across from side to side. Most individuals were from 18 inches to 2 feet 10 inches long. One find was a 5 foot 5 inch individual found with the smaller ones. The taller skeleton had a head that was longer, eyes much wider asunder, the forehead much higher above the eyebrows, and the under jaw measured one inch longer on each side than the smaller fellows. Atop the head of one skull had bright silver grey fine hairs. 

There was great dissimilarity in skull shapes, the size and shape of the bones, and looked to belong to different tribes of people. Just 8 miles away, a 7-foot giant was found. These finds were packaged and sent for examination in Nashville. The prevailing opinion was that they were not children. No 1 skull belonged to some carnivorous animal of the canine genus; but that the skull belonged on an adult person of small size, not much exceeding 3 feet in length. Cylindrical bones and teeth appeared canine. Others gave the same odd opinion.

On an unusual side

A man in Connecticut thought there were fairies talking to him and built a village for them in the woods.

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