Saturday, June 22, 2013

Arizona Cryptids

Arizona has a lot of cryptids. You wouldn't think so, with a desert and lack of water, it seems inhospitable to most creatures, but you'd be amazed at how may reports we get.

The Army Corps camels were released in the early 1900s into the desert and legends still remain of people seeing them or ghost versions. The eerie thing about this story is that in the early 1900s, a rancher saw the camel at the well out front and it had a skeleton attached to it by ropes. The story said that the army corps guys tied a scared soldier to the camel to stay put and the camel ran off, the man died, and the camel was reportedly seen by several people with the body still strapped on.

There are lots of very good reports of Bigfoot in the high country and even some reports in the desert. I used to dispute the concept of Bigfoot in the desert, but other hominins live here, such as ourselves and the Native Americans who lived here long before air conditioning and plumbing.

Arizona's most reports are of Thunderbirds and skinwalkers - remnants of the Native America belief systems and legends, but legends that seem to based on something actually still seen today by people who never believed in anything that wasn't already discovered.

Lately, more and more of the chupacabra reportings are popping up, especially in the Tucson area.

I am on the team of Crypto 4 Corners and I am always available for any reports of cryptids in Arizona. Believe me, nothing is too "weird" for me. I'm always willing to document your story and investigate.

There is so much more to this state than anyone would imagine. 

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