Monday, January 21, 2013

Positive Alien Encounters

We hear a lot about supposed alien "abductions" where people were reportedly taken to spaceships and examined, forced to procreate, and many other humiliations and painful probings. But, there are also many who report positive experiences.

Reports of communications and dialogues, warnings about the earth, the gifting of special abilities, and a guardian essence are not that uncommon.  Are some people relegated to DNA and reproductive interests and others for potential advancement in man's evolution? Unusual psychic abilities, savant-like knowledge and IQs, physical refinement, could all be goals with certain parts of the population where DNA manipulation might be a part of an agenda. Either they are finding and culling the special ones or creating them.

It can also be said that the positive feelings people read emanating from the alien beings is nothing more than a guise, a way to make us complacent, accepting and trusting. After all, they do seem to insert thoughts into our heads. Why not feed us only what we need to know or how we need to know it?

The other possibility is that there are a few kinds of aliens. If we had different countries going to other planets and meeting aliens, we might have different agendas from scientific observation to sharing of knowledge to depleting resources. It's possible that positive alien encounters are from a particular group of aliens and that they do not represent ALL aliens.

This book, We Come As Friends: True Tales of Positive Alien Encounters by Peter Michaels, might be the ideal read if you want to learn more about this rarely talked about aspect of alien encounters.

I myself have had a few encounters that I cannot prove were real, but that were very much real to me. The overall message these things were similar; I was given extraordinary abilities, would be tested much in my lifetime, and would eventually come to a time when I live up to my potential. My feelings associated with these encounters were not in the least bit scary or threatening and the sight of small gray beings with large heads and eyes did not create fear. Instead, it seemed quite natural and quite comforting to know that I was not alone and someone was monitoring my progress. They left in an orange red light and the scent of ozone. Whether these encounters truly happened or not, they left me with a permanent sense of surety that I am in the right road and a sense of obligation and destiny that I must meet. It has motivated much of my amazing growth over the last 2 years since I left my miserable marriage and took control of my life and owned my capabilities. So, for me, this was a very positive experience.

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