Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shadow People

Honestly, I don't think the paranormal community does enough about this phenomena. It intrigues me so much that I incorporated into my book on Kindle "Josiah: Undead Cowboy."

Shadow people are a very odd phenomena with lots of theories. Here's the most typical features:

1. They can be seen anywhere, new home, old home, haunted, not haunted, park, public building.
2. They are first seen usually out of the corner of one's eye. When the viewer turns his head, he might see it whiz off or he might watch it a few moments before the shadow person perceives being seen and then startles and disappears.
3. They sometimes come with feelings of dread and doom to the viewer that is palpable, not just a fear reaction, but a sense of something bad about to happen.
4. They are often times seen as 3-4 feet tall, human shaped, completely opaque black as if they have mass. Sometimes, they are seen as tall and slender and are sometimes even reported with a top hat.

INTERDIMENSIONAL? What if they are interdimensional and are used to being in our space, but when they see that we know they're there, they freak out and leave. It's like they're used to being unseen. Why are we sometimes catching glimpses of them? Perhaps modern day human eyes are changing. There are theories that fast refreshing screens on computers and TVs are making our eyes trained for things they hadn't been before looking at things in a natural world outdoors.

HARBINGERS? What if shadowpeople are harbingers? The first time I ever heard of the phenomena was at a SciFi convention I was speaking out. A Native American woman said, "I was in a hospital when I saw a little person who looked like a shadow. It was all black and not defined. It peered around the corner at me and a few times I saw it cross my room. I worried it might mean I was going to die." My son and his friend had a lengthy encounter with one in a graveyard. Others report them showing up in their homes during marital troubles and family issues. Are these terrestrial mothmen? Hmm...  

DEMONIC/NONCORPOREAL? This one is bantered around a lot. I have a lot of issues with this concept, the main one being, nothing freaking bad happens when they show up. If they don't want to be seen, you'd think a noncorporeal (a being that has never inhabited a human body) or a demon would be sharp enough not to be seen. They'd also manage to get their job done. When they show up, they'd do the dirty deed (whatever that dirty deed demons and noncorporeals are believed to do).

These continue to surprise us, especially because there is no particular place or person they show themselves for. It can happen to any of us, at any time. I have encountered adult-sized ones and one short one. The short one showed up during a ghost hunt and lined up with physical things that occurred at the time. It was like a prankster. The adult-sized ones I saw were the classic ones that as I looked up at them, they just disappeared mid step. The ones in my childhood home, seemed to follow the same path each time and had a "heaviness" to them as if they were a man in a black ink skin tight body suit. They seemed to have dimension. My son and his friend saw one in a graveyard and when he shined his camera's target light at it, it was solid, sat on the surface of the black shadow person and then it darted behind a 3-foot tall altar, only for them to find out the altar was attached to the wall!

All we know that these things have in common is that they can appear to anyone, anywhere, not particularly haunted locations, they don't seem to be malicious, though their appearance can be quite unsettling, and they bring with them often a feeling of doom or dread and when they realize they are being seen, they rush away. So, it would seem that we are being watched by something that does not like for us to know they are watching.

And that makes me even more curious about them.


  1. I have seen shadow people coffee-brown in color. Has anyone else experienced this phenomena?

    1. I actually have heard that one. In the instances the people saw them, it was daylight hours. Not sure if that's just how they appear when there is adequate light.

    2. Yes but light brown all the time when I lived at my Mum and Dads and they had seen it also. It would walk past door ways into the kitchen or be sitting in chairs or peep round walls but wasn't scary. As strange as this phenomenon was it was you wouldn't get scared it was no more unsettling then seeing a fly in your house although only after when you really thought about it then you would be slightly freaked.

  2. I live in chico ca and I was in bidwell park and I was walking when I saw a brown shadow figuer that was tall and looked like it had spikes or hair standing by a bench hen it vanished and reappeard later has any one ever seen any thing like this and if you have what is it.

    1. Parks and cemeteries seem to be the major places they're seen, as well as in homes, but the outdoor sightings seem to be more common. Many people have reported either top hats, capes, odd hair on the tall ones and no hair features on the short ones, just a body outline. They do go in and out a few times usually, but once they realize they've been sighted, they tend to disappear. They seem to think we don't see them and when we do, they are shocked. I truly believe we're dealing with something interdimensional which means it could show up anywhere it's coming in and out.

    2. I just moved into an apartment a few months ago and there is one that peeks around the corner at me. My sister came over and said she felt like someone is standing behind her looking at her in the same spot where I see it. Yesterday it zipped passed me and disappeared. I have been sick since I've been here, car problems, money worries and I can't sleep. I need to get rid of it. I saged the apartment when I fist moved in, but it let me know a few days later that it was here. It has to go. Any suggestions?

    3. It's quite natural when you're having unusual "visitors" to be unsettled and then to attribute other issues in one's life with this thing, as if might have brought the bad stuff. The truth is, once you've settled in and created a whole new energy to your home - you make it unappealing. People generally have a self-generatoring home as far emotional milieu. If you laugh, have good times, hope and dream, set up photos of loved ones and make it a true home, the positive energy drives out anything else. But, insecurity, anxiety, worries, fears, and depression can all be great attractive elements to this kind of activity. So, I tell people to own their home. Set up things you love, reminders of those you love, lots of light, move out the clutter, letting energy move freely through the space and not be backed up by objects and boxes and such. Just know that they have no powers. If they did, we'd all be in trouble. They simply are there sharing the space and the things that attract their attention are empty spaces and dark lonely feelings. So, keep it bright, keep it happy and empowering for you. I often tell people to build power centers in their homes, where they have photos, objects, things from nature, religious items or symbols and whatever inspires them, incense, candles, whatever works. But this little spot becomes empowered with everything that you believe in, everything that makes you feel safe and happy and connected with the universe or your maker. That kind of power center is very protective.

  3. You are so right. I have had MANY visitors since I was a little girl. Bad and good. I have witnessed many things and have been able to handle my feelings and space with them all. This BROWN shadow is my first. I don't really know anything about them. I've seen the black shadow people (with the long coat and hat and without), giant white glowing ones (angels) and so on. Maybe I'm just tired of being a witness to different entities and having to figure them out all of my life and I'm at a point I just want to live like some other people that don't see these things at all. I used to feel blessed that I have been able to see so many different entities that we share our space with and share the information with people, but now I'm just over it and tired. Does that make sense? I'm tired of having to go out of my way to make sure I am safe from all of the bad ones. It gets exhausting. I am not comfortable and all set up in my space yet. I do have to finish it and make it my own. Thanks for writing back with the positive, encouraging words.



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