Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Strange Prankster In My Apartment?

Oh, and this wasn't on the video, but after this filming, I propped the doll back up, looked around the room to take note of everything, turned out the light, left. I came in the morning to start work and turned on the light and went to my desk to turn on the power strip and then saw the doll again--same position face down! I made an extra effort last night to put the doll back so her heavy head was back and the face could not want to fall forward.

No explanations, yet.


  1. do you get any feelings from this moved object... electric charge maybe? find out if an animal had died in your home, cat? you have now given it something to play with?

  2. Nope. No pets dying here, but I have had a bout lately of super psychic skills. Can't explain it except I keep contacting people the second they meant to contact me, finish their sentences, mention obscure things that they happen to be doing and so much deja vu it's insane. This is the kind of amplifier that usually brings me a little bout of this. The last time it happened, things came off the grocery shelves and scared a little old lady on the same aisle. I didn't know what to do, so I chased the woman, somewhere inside thinking I needed to explain to her. She seemed so scared. I was kind of scared too because it started up and then just kept going. It's a weird blip now and then, but at least it's not moving Dale the Doll around--small blessings.

  3. Well, I was thinking perhaps a mouse or a cat ran behind the doll on the bottom shelf. Then I studied the third shelf up. On the earlier picture the doll to the right (from my position) on the third shelf up was looking toward its right, and slightly down. On the final picture, that doll is facing a bit more forward and upward. So whatever is affecting the bottom baby is affecting the third shelf right, too. I'm very interested in this kind of event, so if the answer is found, let me know.

  4. Thanks Rose. I am keeping an eye on this now. The fly tape thing was so weird. I can't for a minute explain that one because the soil is down low in the pot and there are leaves everywhere. It would have to unstick its very sticky self and jump over the pot and the leaves to land below. Weird. No pets. No critters. I will report anything new.

  5. Hum, this better not happen when I spend the night. This is a bit creepy to me. I am glad to hear Dale has not moved. I couldn't handle that.......haha!



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