Road Trips With Me Are...Weird

So, gal pal road trips include haunted locales, stopping at every single absolutely terrifyingly creepy and abandoned place we can find. I think Julie and I beat our record this time with perhaps 50 abandoned sites we photographed. We stop anywhere and everywhere and always eat at a local diner.

When we were in Kirkland, I reached into my toiletries bag and dug the tip of my finger into a razor. Yeah, OW!!!! I was bleeding like crazy and the place had no Band-Aids. So, I did like I normally do, I rigged something. I tore a panty liner down the middle and wrapped it around my finger and to keep it on all night, I took a hair scrunchy and wrapped it around that a few times. It worked like a charm.
The next morning, we decided to go to Skull Valley...because it was there. We heard it was 7 miles down the road and when you have a place with that name, you must go investigate... We ended up finding that the town was much more organized than other towns we had passed through. It not only had a grocery, gas station and diner, but the citizens kept the place in flawless shape. It was the most charming find ever on a road trip. Oh, and the diner breakfast--SUPREME! (and the coffee was good too) Well, like every trip, we happened upon, well SQUATCH!!! Oh, and a giant frog (just a typical trip)....