Monday, September 5, 2011

Signs of October

If you want to know the story of what I'm up against this coming month of October--look at Dale the Doll's picture on the bottom right side of the blog. Click on it. That'll take you to the post to learn all about his cyclical issues.

Last fall, I bought Skittles the Clown doll.

I got Skittles because the only thing Dale fears is clowns. Well, I'm not so keen about them either. In fact, Skittles does not speak, but stares at us with those creepy eyes and fake smile and colorful hair. Skittles loves horror movies. If I play them for him, he leaves us alone. Otherwise, he shows up wherever we are and stares. The problem is, the more horror movies Skittles sees, the more he assimilates the information. He already pulled a "Poltergeist" on Dale and dragged him under the bed. I'm purposely not letting him see the Zuni Hunting Doll scene on "Trilogy of Terror." (shivers)

So, this October, I will be at the mercy of Dale and Skittles. I will have to become very creative if I want to survive. Well, this video (above) shows what I'm up against and we're barely into September!


  1. Little Freak! Mr. Creepy McCreeperson is gearing up already I see!

  2. Oh yes. In fact, I dragged him back inside by his chin and put him on Skittle's lap for the night. Hee hee

  3. I would probably lock skittles and Dale in the same room for punishment if Dale acts up again.

  4. You know, I've tried that. The boogers can pick locks. I kidded with Dale we should take Skittles on a "picnic" in the desert and leave him here. That's a real possibility....

  5. Jeez, you're a glutton for punishment, Autumn!! Dale's one thing... but Skittles... he is seriously creepy!! I hope you're honing your slayer skills in preparation for October... just in case.

  6. LGH;
    It's gonna be a long autumn this year with the two of them. I just bought a Bigfoot doll and I'm kind of hoping he might be able to beat some sense into them. The only thing left I have to get is a mannequin and a marionette and then I will officially have every scary doll that freaks people out in one home. Now, if that doesn't make me write good horror stories, I don't know what will!

  7. awwww come autumn he just love ya .. he probly gona suprize you with a foot massage



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