Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Geek Crushes!

Anyone who wears khaki's as much as I do, jokes around as much as I do on road trips, and is willing to try anything once--Josh Gates is high on my list of geek crushes and it's because he's an adventurer who never takes anything so seriously that he can't have a blast poking around. I already pre-ordered his book coming out in October. I'm so excited!

Ben Hansen from "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" (new season starts in October) gets it for being not only just a really nice sweet guy, but super intelligent and as inquisitive as I am. I love that, like me, he spends his spare time investigating the paranormal--that's considered a vacation!

Cliff Barackman from "Finding Bigfoot" has made it in my geek radar. I am a Bigfoot nut and he does look fine in his woodland wear. I even like the beard and I normally hate beards on men. Pretty kind eyes, adorable light-hearted manner, and quick mind. I'd like to get lost in the woods with him.

Yeah, Mr. Spock was logical which I appreciate, but I could never stop thinking that if you let that man loose sexually, he'd be one stalking, aggressive yum-yum. I guess it's the equivalent of "librarian" attraction men get for women who seem like they need to loosen up a bit.

Vincent Price was my first geek crush and will always be in the top 3. Sure, he seemed a bit fussy and effeminate, but those crazy eyes, super tall height, long fingers, and purring voice made my knees weak and still do when I see his old films.

Nikola Tesla, I believe to be the most important man of science ever, is just so mysterious, quirky, misunderstood, and an underappreciated man. He left in his legacy a lot of unanswered questions about just what he still had planned to unleash on the world and forever change our lives.

James Mason was an early crush. In the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" he was a single-minded geologist who would not give up on his mission. He was terse, focused, annoyed by females and possessive of his scientific finds. His rolling brogue and beautiful eyes and sharp mind just made my heart go pitter patter.

Jeff Goldblum has always played intellectual types like in the remake of "The Fly," but it was in the movie "Jurassic Park" that he made me fantasize all kinds of naughty things. I didn't even mind his Yankee accent. He was tall, dark, and I could imagine having long night conversations with him about many subjects and then wanting to, well, do him all day long.

This particular geek is the best EVP expert I have ever known or worked with and he is tall, strong, and brilliant and has a voice I could listen to day and night. I won't name him, but I will say that he gives me lots of smiles and giggles like a schoolgirl.


  1. I like the smart sassy-types like Myrna Loy. Paranormal TV has some sexy women but *shrug* I'd like to see some mature women.

  2. Was that a mention of me, Barry, sweets? Mature woman? I guess the body has matured, though the mind did not follow. Yes, they need a crazy redhead out there on the paranormal shows. I'd still love to do a show where I knock on some poor sap in the suburb's door and make him accept to go on a paranormal investigation without knowing what, where, or how. Sort of turn his idea of how the world works on its side and have him mature during the experience and have insights just from the insane encounter with me and Bigfoot/ghosts/UFOs, and such.

  3. I'd like to see a ghost hunting or paranormal show where every scrap of paranormal part of the shows film would be online. Fans would find things and those things would be placed in the episode in post production.

    People can watch the final product or participate in its creation.

  4. Let's start our own esoteric channel, hmm? Everything from shows on how to meditate and paganism to paranormal and seances.

  5. Yeah, PSI-Fi would totally take on Syfy (WTF does that mean, anyways?) It's like KFC--we still know it's Kentucky Fried Chicken--who are they fooling?

  6. yoga and tai chi in the mornings, healthy eating in the afternoon, paganism programs, paranormal programing at night, adult pagan topics late night --- sounds good to me.

  7. Okay. I run the naked Bigfoot hunts and the vegan cooking show w/organic gardening.

  8. I figured if they could do WWF on Syfy, then PSI-fy should do live action kama sutra instead, much more compassionate and, well, fun to watch!

  9. I see you also have good taste! :) Vincent Price and Jeff Goldblum are favorites of mine. I didn't realize Tesla was so handsome! I'm not sure about Spock, but otherwise thanks for the eye candy. :)

  10. JH;
    I swear, we're sisters separated at birth.

  11. Yeah, Tesla. Yum! I love brains and mystery.



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