Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ghost Hunters & That Other Show Which I'm Going To Actually Watch

Another theater (yawn) Taking Maddie the dog with them (New star of the show. Apparently, to their thinking, get rid of a female from the team - Kris, replace her with a new bitch). I get why they use Maddie, but the fact is that she's the most exciting thing to join the cast since the KII meter conversations began and the conversations with an unscrewed flashlight.

I'm actually going to break down and watch this Paranormal Witness episode because its about Bigfoot and y'all know I can't get enough of the BF!


  1. paranormal whitness i do like , there some falts but hey i liked lost tapes

  2. Shouldn't the show be called Looking For Bigfoot???

  3. No one can get enough of big foot! :D

  4. the show lost tapes is like all crypozooologsy meets blare witch movie in how thety feilm it

  5. I tried to watch GH.

    The other one, I only caught maybe a minute. I'll have to look for it to come on again.



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