Monday, September 12, 2011

Dale is Going To Be a Problem Until November 1!

If you don't know Dale the Doll's story, scroll down the right-hand side of my blog and find the button with his face on it. Click. Those of y'all who know his usual October rampage, it's starting to build up beforehand like every September. Just a little mischief here and there, but soon I expect him to get into full October swing when the month starts. Don't be shocked if he starts following your blog and leaving comments. Things around here are getting rather unsettling....


  1. Okay, I've braced myself in preparation for Dale, but... just quietly... I've got a little anxiety building over Skittles the Clown. It is freaking me out thinking of him grinning in the background somewhere! Don't let Skittles near the knives!!!

  2. What? maybe he was just trying to get a few knives to make a nice salad or something. lol.

  3. You know, LGH, the thing I have to worry about with Skittles is that he adores horror movies, but the problem is that he likes to act them out.

  4. Zombie;
    Oh, not that booger! He likes to hide them so I get angry. I don't even want to know what he plans to do with them. I already found two of them hidden behind the toilet. Last year, he hid them under the bed and I found them. He thinks he's getting smarter.

  5. it always canbe worse there lovely lady. realy worse ..



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