Friday, July 1, 2011

Nightvision: How IR Changed Our Hunting

Hey, IR nightvision cameras aren't just for sex videos, although apparently they are nice for it and rather forgiving too. I think I look a lot better in nightvision that with all the details of a flash going off.

What the technology has allowed us humans to do is see without light. Why should that matter, right? Well, you take a film crew into the woods with a flood of lights and all you see are the happy plants around you, and are blinded to what is in the dark folds beyond that periphery.

With infrared, you are able to see things in a spectrum we do not visualize and therefore we are seeing in the dark. Just try to imagine shows like "Ghost Hunters," "Ghost Adventures," and "Destination Truth" without it.

As an investigator, it can make it possible to walk while using an IR camera screen and see one's way around without the need for a flashlight or the light from the flashlight ruining the filming of the surroundings. Expect that as I go into some investigations here soon, I will be taking the IR camera to places to give you lots of creepy perspectives including a ghost hunt in an old schoolhouse in July, a Bigfoot hunt in September and a UFO hunt in October, as well as the Vulture Mine in November.

So, let's all say "thank you" to night vision. It's not just for sex tapes, although I seriously wouldn't mind it since it does tend to make you look better...

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  1. Soo... how many sex tapes have you made with your IR camera? ;o)

    *whistles innocently*



  2. None yet. I have to have sex, don't I?? If I'm having another Lonely on a Friday Night, you know there's nothing going on here. Of course, I could put on the song "Dancing With Myself" and do a little video, I suppose.

  3. I'd settle for that.


    Oh geez, I'm going to have that song in my head all day now...

  4. I knew the anticipation for this post would pay off. Night vision is a great thing and now that it can be had on cameras for an affordable price even sweetens the deal. Now I must get a camera with night vision and have fun, exploring creepy locations that is.

  5. Slowdeath 77--creepy locations, indeed! The one I got was a Vivitar 510--cheap and fairly good but not a lot of range on the IR. To get a really good IR, it's best to just use a regular camera and get an IR light that attaches.

  6. Sweet, thanks for the info. I'll def look into it.

  7. I'm glad you gato tne IR makes a great blog post.

  8. Expect lots of pics and vids on the road as I'm going on some cool adventures and will take y'all along with me.

  9. If I double posted, I apologize. The first one was about voyeurs and IR anyway.

    I'm pretty sure a rule of thumb for TV producers is in fact "IR makes it all that much more creepy."

  10. Yeah. I wish they'd use black and white IR. I admit that the green makes my stomach sour after a time.

  11. I can not wait to use my IR camera on our next ghost hunt.


  12. Great interview! Thanks for sharing with us!


  13. You must have cropped this just above the do know how to tease, my dear!

  14. Honestly, the camera has no timer, so I had to hold it out and take shots while I was moving around and that's as far away as it would take a shot, even with my long ape arms.



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