Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Is Heaven the Next Dimension?

This is my best mind fuck so far and I do hope to continue these sorts of theoretical discussions often this year on the blog, so tighten your seat belts, this will be a crazy ride! If you finish reading this and don't feel strangely unsettled, re-read it.

Carl Sagan explains it well...

When I was a kid and laid down on the grass at night and studied the stars, I often thought about how vast it is. Too vast for us to understand. Are we seeing the universe as it really is, or just dots and bits of something even bigger? What if our earth and other planets are nothing more than cells that make up something inconceivably larger? Something like if the cells in your body see each other, but would not know they were part of a bigger thing called a human being. They have no perspective to understand that concept.

Consider this: We have 2-dimensional things in our world, such as photographs and TV screens. If you were from another planet and visited us, it would seem quite strange that a human could study a box for hours at a time and find entertainment, but it is the images and added soundtrack that stimulate our mind, so we watch the TV screen. If you were inside the TV screen, all you would see around you are the things in your periphery, but there is no height, so you have no perspective that there are 3-dimensional beings outside of your TV screen watching you.

Now, imagine if you will that if we in the 3-dimensional world of height, breadth, depth, width, mass, can be entertained by watching 2-dimensional activity, imagine what those in the next dimension might feel about our 3-dimensional world? Whereas we use paper and pen to conceptualize in 2-D form but see it as only representational and not real, might the next-dimensionals use the third dimension to conceptualize and use it as representation but not reality? We can co-exist with the second dimension in the same space, and so we might be sharing our space with a fourth dimension--well, almost certainly!

When we can conceive of other dimensions simultaneously occurring, we can also perhaps explain some things that have baffled us, such as apparitions appearing and disappearing, UFOs arriving and departing in ways that appear to defy known laws of physics. How about poltergeist movement of objects? Something like that Carl Sagan explanation of a 3-dimensional being grasping a 2-dimensional being and lifting him out of his context. It might be that the item was not thrown by unseen forces, but perhaps manipulated by the next dimension and to us it appeared to occur quite magically.

What is even more intriguing about these concepts is that if we did catch glimpses of other dimensional “things,” we are very likely only seeing the portion of it we can conceive of in our 3rd dimension:

If you were in a 1-dimensional world, you could see in front and behind you, but not to the sides or up and down, so the world is a long string.

If you were in a 2-dimensional world, you could see in front and back and to the sides, but not up and down, like being on a sheet of paper.

If you are in a 3-dimensional world (which we are), you could see front and back, sides and up and down.

I hope I got you thinking a bit more and wondering why I put this on a ghost hunting theories site. It is entirely possible that what we consider the afterlife is really freeing ourselves from the 3-dimensional body to be all-knowing, all-encompassing. We dominate over the 2-D world and we can do so because we can tackle it from all its dimensions, but what can a next-dimension world do to our 3-D world? Could it be that it is a universe that can conceive of everything while having no need for mass as we know it? Does just a physical form of us get shed so we might go onto be unencumbered by such things and be able to conceptualize a next dimension?

Wouldn't it make it very hard indeed for the 4th dimension to interact with us in a way we can understand? If we put a drawing on a piece of paper next to another doodle we did earlier, it sees that another of its kind is nearby, but knows nothing of how it got there or why minutes later it was erased from existence. Sort of like seeing a glimmering apparition for a few brief seconds to have it disappear or even a UFO. We only see part of this 4th dimensional being because we can only view it in our 3rd dimension, just like that 2-dimensional drawing only saw another dot nearby it and recognized a dot as "his kind" even though it was a human standing there. With no ability to conceptualize height, it was simply another one of his being friends; the part of him he has the concept to recognize. What part of the 4th dimension can we not visualize?
Now, the real mind fuck begins! (as if you're not scrambled enough already)

Here's my mind fuck concept: Heaven is the 4th dimension. Using our own world as a comparison, imagine that we draw up a sketch of a machine we want to build. We plot it out on 2-dimensional form and then build it into the 3-dimensional form. Our 2-dimensional concept became a 3-dimensional reality. Now, image that there is a "God" and this God sends one of His out to greet us and we see him only in his 3-dimensional form because that is the only way we can view things (like that poor 2-dimensional fellow would only see us 3-dimensionals as a dot). So, this man has abilities to make things appear and disappear (like that 3-dimensional man moving around the 2-dimensional objects) and we call this man a God and name him Jesus or other visionary. What if when a person passes on, he is actually being represented in the 4th dimensional plane as that drawing we made became a machine we built. We are nothing more than a concept in the third dimension but we become a reality in the fourth... afterlife.

Seriously, you can say I screwed with your minds today and you know that's the basis of the theories site. I hope to present a lot more in the realm of science and paranormal this year. It's a year for us to go a bit deeper in our investigations and correlations, theories and experiments!

If you're still able to brain function at this point, here's some cool resources to start speculating even more (remember, my motto is curiosity, adventure and theories)

Fantastically understandable video example
Great written explanation.


  1. Very good post! I have always been a believer that there was another dimension. A 4th dimension would explain a lot of the unexplained.

  2. Interesting post... you have officially messed with my head but it is a good thing. You have me thinking...

  3. pretty cool, you've just scrambled my brain. very interesting post.

  4. This is such a cool subject, it makes me want to write a book about whether heaven is the fourth dimension. I keep thinking about that poor 2-D guy who has no concept of height or viewing height of an object and I wonder what projects we do not see of our world and yet we share our space with that 4th dimension we cannot perceive.

  5. i think drugs can get anybody from flat to multidimentional heavens.

  6. Autumn, it's good thing your in AZ, cause my head's gonna explode!

  7. HN;
    When I sat down and conceptualized this understanding of the fourth dimension and looked at it in relation to other ones, I felt like I just suddenly understood the concept of Heaven when my Methodist upbringing and Bible drilling did nothing to make it real to me other than clouds and angels. I suddenly understood the "dress rehearsal" quality of life and how they say "we are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." I went to bed that night and had a strange dream. I was sitting in what felt like an abandoned church and it was twilight, almost dark. I was turned on the bench. I could not turn my head all the way to see who was behind me on the other pew, but I could turn my eyes and I saw my father and he said very softly, "hello, you finally know I'm here." My eyes got all bouncy from looking out the corner too hard and I turned back to face forward again. I woke up, my heart pounding and I sat up in bed and realized that in the dream, I was acting out the concept of being limited by the directions I could see (like only seeing side to side, back and forward, up and down in the third dimension). I realized I glimpsed for a second a way to view the fourth dimension and for the first time since my father died, I heard his voice and almost saw him after feeling he was completely no longer in existence. I felt a strange renewal when I got up in the morning. It made me look at ghostly occurrences and many other things in a new way. I've been looking at how aliens happen to be human-like in shape and how shadow people aer human-like in shape and images of Jesus and others are in human like shapes which I thought meant they were designed by Man and so we put our own features into the projection. Now, I wonder if perhaps we are only seeing that part of them that fits into the 3-dimensional world and this is their appearance to us, like that doodle on the paper we make would look like one of their own kind to a 2-dimensional being. Hmm.. I'm glad you're not in my state too, buddy, or we'd have two exploding heads.

  8. I'm wondering how or where reincarnation fits into this....

  9. Jeanne;
    I don't personally believe in reincarnation because I have had many dreams of a "past life" but also realized as a psychic that I was tapping into someone else's existence. I'm not sure why or when we run into these things, but they do cross by us and we pick up the vibes. A person who is not cognizant of what psychic skills are like would feel as though they themselves had lived that life before, but it's actually the viewpoint of a psychic who feels as if it is their own memories too. For someone who hasn't done psychic reads, it would seem as if they had been that person. But, if one believes in reincarnation concepts, this theory would actually be a good fit because there is no reason to believe we do not get recycled through our third dimension before becoming a fourth dimensional being. Imagine if you will that you sit down and sketch how you want to lay our your garden for the spring, making x's for the tomatoes and circles for the green beans. Then, you realize there's no sunlight in that part of the yard, so you pull out another sheet and you rearrange the layout again. You've just done a few versions in the second dimension before you went outside and planted it in the third. We may be conceptions for actual incarnations in the fourth dimension, being tried out here...

  10. This is a subject that has long fascinated me as well, and if you haven't read it yet I highly recommend Stephen Hawking's a brief history of time in which he goes and pretty lucid detail of the various dimensions and how they should connect. Though you do not necessarily believe in reincarnation, I am going to take a leap of faith here and presume that you believe in the astral plane. I believe (and I have very little evidence or experience to support this) that this plane serves as a connecting conduit to that fourth dimension. We cannot physically go there and expect to keep our molecular cohesion as we know it, or our sanity.

    So does the Kingdom of God exist in this fourth dimension? I think it is absolutely possible in a Judeo-Christian sense of the definition. But I am somewhat of a Pantheist and I believe that all points in time and space are both reflections and the domain of the Creator. And if Einstein's Theory of Relativity is correct, then there have to be points in the universe where time simply does not exist. Who knows? Maybe if humanity could quit squabbling over resources and lines on a map, we could get to the point scientifically and culturally where we will know for sure.

  11. Aaron;
    These concepts are quite intriguing and I actually have started to layout a book idea that would encompass everything from heaven and hauntings to shadow people to portals and more under the umbrella of 4th dimensional "interruptions." I admit to having gone a long ways from the Christian upbringing to a period of atheism followed by an acceptance of my pagan tendencies. I believe in nature and that it works that it is designed and regulated in a way that makes us all interdependent. But, I am also someone who believes even the supernatural still comes under the umbrella of science of some sort. So what sort? If that poor 2-dimensional being has no sense of height, he can never understand us except those moments we place our finger on their page and they see a dot that means "someone is nearby." I think we are suffering from that extra depth of vision to conceptualize them, but I also have done a good deal of remote viewing and I do know there is an astral plane and a way to be everywhere at once and everyone at once. That "we are all one" concept is huge in most religions and that is a very basic truth we know--but how do we know it? I think that like we can touch our TV screen, sometimes the 4th dimension touches us and then--wham! What the fuck was that??? Hee hee

  12. The old Druid saying goes "That which is above, also below" the tree was a great symbol of this philosophy with the root structure below ground being equally as intricate as the branches and twigs above ground.

    We as beings are able to create within the second dimension (our art) while existing in the third, it only stands to reason that a being(s) exiting in the fourth dimension should be able to create within the third (us being THEIR art.

    The interesting drawback of that is that it means Scooby Doo, the kids from South Park, and the Mona Lisa are just as real as you and I but only able to be self aware in within a two dimensional confine. Would it seem equally silly for a fourth dimensional entity to think we are "real" as well?

  13. Aaron;
    You make me smile. I see that I fucked your brains out today. Hee hee.
    I agree. The rub is that in the 2nd dimension, you are nothing but what a person in the 3rd dimension made. But, the story of God was that He created man in his image, so man became cognizant (oh bless you serpent in Eden and so as we lord it over 2 dimensional world, Mr. 4-dimensional God lords it over us. We are an animated representation like that godawful Brendan Fraser Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D movie, but that is only a drama, not a reality. We are not a reality, only a drama. This is a practice rehearsal, this is not the opening night. That occurs, I'm guessing (as will be in my book) during that tunnel ride in near-death--as we enter the fourth dimension and go "holy fuck! we were so stupid!"

  14. ……. Sharon! As I'd already said to you offboard, my Thüringian mother has told me decades ago that Heaven is actually (Akashally?) the most humongous planet anywhere in the known universe. Everyone from everywhere goes there after having left this mortal coil, whatever that might be.

    But here's the rub, Sharon & all ye interested parties. What if it is only due to our extremely limited physical senses, well, not yours & mine, Sharon, we're well-tuned, even to the sixth & seventh senses, but what if it's only due to the duress that we endure in our physical shells that the planets out in space merely appear to our aforementioned limited perceptions as orbs of rock & oceans, atmosphere & weather patterns, flora & fauna, indigenous peoples & their civilisations, but are, in fact, an infinitude of spheres in consciousness? That would also include the stars, too.

    Yes, my dear, you fffffucked with this Elf's mind today … lol … for which you've my undying gratitude.

    Best wishes to you always,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro (•8-D

  15. Ah, Bror, I do love this take on the universe and its mysteries. As if the universe didn't make me feel small and insignificant enough, this really humbles me.

  16. What you're talking about used to be called meta-physics or even malarkey. However, scientists now believe there may be up to 27 dimensions. If you believe in modern physics, then it is intellectually dishonest to say things like ghosts, heaven, other dimensions, etc... are impossible. We may be in an age where religion, philosophy and physics are converging.

  17. Leo;
    Very good point. I used to hear people talk about other dimensions and I thought "right, and Elvis is still alive!" Our problem is our limited world view because we only see and perceive in our own dimension and the lesser ones. So, if a step up from the 2nd dimension is that we have breadth and height and animation and intelligence--huge leap for one dimension, what the hell is the 4th dimension offering? Perhaps that mind/body tie in that eludes us.

  18. I came up with this same theory and googled "fourth dimension is heaven" to see if anyone else had thought of this before. I came up with the idea while watching an episode of "Through the Wormhole" on the science channel. The scientists were discussing the possibility of the fourth dimension. They explained that objects in the fourth dimension would have so much energy that their particles would be tiny, fast moving, and very separated, and the naked eye would not be able to see them. This gave me the idea of the fourth dimension being heaven. It makes sense that when people die, the bodies no longer contain the energy to live. But where does it go? Plants break the body down into energy when decomposing, but what happens to the energy our body was running on? If the energy left our body in its purest state, the particles would be too small, fast, and separated for the human eye to see. Therefor, they'd immediately be part of the fourth dimension. The idea that souls carry on into the fourth dimension completely explains our perception of ghosts. They can manipulate things but we cannot see them. Also, it is a common idea that they can be captured in a photo. When they are, they appear to be a white misty thing with a face. We cannot see the fast moving energy particles with our naked eyes, but a photo is a still shot. White is the color of pure energy (think of lightning) and the misty formation is due to the fact that they're made up of separate particles, freely flowing, but still keeping some shape to them, like gelatin taken out of a mold, the mold being the body it was once in. In a strange way, this idea sort of comforts me. When someone dies, most people tend to think that person is gone forever. I know for certain this isn't the case.

  19. These theories are ones i thought I was alone in believing. Finding this post has been the mind fuck not the radical ideal. If you look at string theory and tie in multiple dimensions (11, possibly) with parallel universes and particles being in multiple dimensions at the same time, it makes sense. Ghost are also said to be elcto magnetic which is believed to be a strong force in all dimensions. Electro magnetism can also tie in with dark matter and dark energy which be the key to creating wormholes and portals for intergalactic space travel.

  20. Yes, I do believe after observing ghostly phenomena, its randomness, sometimes only able to see a part of something, and wondered if perhaps it's some kind of moment of connection with a dimension we haven't the senses to fully perceive.

  21. when i saw the Carl Sagan video on the 4th dimension i had the same brain fuck you had. Im so glad there are some people out there that agree with me i also have many other theorys and some good ones about the bible/religion

  22. The more I study ghostly phenomena, the more I tend to believe we're discussing another dimension and sometimes a moment of intersection, but given our limited 5 senses, we can only perceive that part of it which we recognize and not the whole of it, just as Mr.2D sees his friends as dots beside him and may not realize there is a whole being attached to that part that makes it into his perception.

  23. Just wondering... is it possible to simply... cease to exist? I mean, neither dead nor alive?

  24. Hey Deeo- It seems that if you exist, but aren't alive, there would be no consciousness, which would make you not really alive? You could theoretically become a dispersed energy that goes into other living things but no longer have the "mind content" you once had. It's possible to be in purgatory which is the neither-here-nor-there scenario. There is generally a pretty big divide between those who believe we simply shut off like a light switch/like when under anesthesia and those who believe in the Heaven concept. Entering a new dimension is a very interesting concept that actually would make the near-death experience descriptions chillingly accurate and the reason we get strange phenomena, like hauntings, only for brief moments more feasible too, as we glimpse something from another dimension for a moment of contact.

  25. Thats why many ufo occupants know the abductees name and tells that person that they will be visited again...After that person dies..

  26. This article and all comments seem to be pointing to the idea, that as humans, we are an "image" of a extra-dimensional being. This concept is now a TV show on H2: Ancient Aliens. However, Erich Von Daniken wrote "Chariots of The Gods" in the 1970's and that book really opened up the floodgates for me. I began to think that would explain a whole host of mysteries and paranormal events. Simply, put: Extra-Dimensional beings "traveled" to our galaxy or even dimension 50,000 or 100,000 years ago. Whatever kind of life was here; such as ape-like creatures, were 'harvested' for their DNA. The ET's then manipulated or mixed their DNA with the Ape creatures and humans were "created" in their image, (mostly). In turn, as we developed in their presence, we began to 'worship' them. Our name for them was "God"...or THEY gave us that name for their convenience, whichever. Anyway, THEY may have left earth and our 3rd dimension to move on and populate other galaxies. That would make us "children of God" wouldn't it? After all, it HAS taken us several centuries to answer our own questions through research, experimentation and most of all THINKING.
    I think also that there are many different species of ET's throughout the vast Universe. I also believe that if scientists are correct about the Big Bang happening 13.7 billion (earth) years ago; and our earth is 4.5 billion years old, that means that 9.2 billion years was enough time for "life" and other beings to grow and advance before we even existed! Ergo, ET's are our ancestors. I think the Bible's story is not original. I believe it is simply a tale of truth; retold over and over since about 100,000 years ago. It has taken humans several thousands of years to just communicate the origin events, let alone actually understand them as a reality rather than a mythology. I believe that we may find out some new information this year 2012; but I don't believe it is the end of earth or our life as we know it. I believe that the Mayans were on the right track; but so wrapped up in their mythology, that the significance has been lost in that mythology. I completely agree with this article and most of the comments here. Let's hope humankind doesn't do anything REALLY stupid between now and 2013, like launch a nuclear WWIII. That's a square one move that resets the whole damn thing!

  27. It's not Heaven, it's Hell. :O



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