Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's Play Fact or Faked!

I cannot get enough of this stuff! We all complain about the vids they pick. Which one would you pursue of these vids and which do you think FoF would choose?

**Don't forget--tonight is the season finale of "Ghost Hunters" and another episode of "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" which you know also means tank top shot and review tomorrow.**


  1. Are they going to pretend that Bill, Jael, and Austin returned from Argentina only to turn around and go back?

    Or will they admit that both episodes were filmed on the same trip to Argentina?

    Hmmmmmm? I wonder.

  2. They won't miss researching jerky commercial it's is a fact, the rest is big hoax especially the fresh one, dog-found alien.

  3. Bottom line, "don't mess with Bigfoot".

  4. The last one for sure. Looks legit to me... I'm going to say fact on that one.

  5. Oh, I have no doubt they hit both cases in the same place. Syfy is stupid about what folks want, but they're not stupid when it comes to cash. I think they do the same thing with DT. I've seen episodes in unusual places twice in one season.

    I'm so excited about the finding of Bigfoot--looks legit! I just wish people would quit teasing the wildlife.

  6. FoF twist, while investigating sasquatch, they also investigate Jack Links to see if their jerky uses real meat.

  7. Really you mean Fact or FAKED fakes things?

    And they expect to build a fan base with that sort of behavior?

  8. Barry;
    That's not faking, dear. That's filming everything and then putting certain cases together. What if they had two UFO cases in Argentina? They wouldn't want to show them on one night. Better to separate those two. Plus, one location for two cases is a bit of a bore. I was shocked they went to Hawaii for that ridiculed and hokey ghost photography case. I think the team managed to sneak one by Syfy for a sweet vacation.

  9. You mean when they pretend to "pick out" the cases that they are going to imvestigate, knowing that the case was already filmed, its not faking?


    The most important thing in a show like this is trustworthiness.

    I want the show to say while in Argentina we investigated the alien video. How hard is it to be honest?

    How can they point a finger at anyone and call them fakers when they fake things themselves?

  10. It's a show, it's first purpose is to entertain, and get people talking around the water cooler, or in this case, blog.

    I think they might do the most recent one (I think) the first one.
    Or not? Maybe that is too easy to fake without preserving the scene.

  11. Barry;
    It's still a show and not a true investigation team. Now, if Stephen Hawking got caught doing such things with his theories, he'd be screwed, but it is a show that put together supposed experts to entertain us by pursuing cases. It's like DT. I know they rehearse the stand-up material that Josh uses, like when they walk down the street and he rattles off a list of what they need for their trip and passes a window and says they need leather jackets like the ones from Thriller. They obviously saw something to work with and filmed that. They might have filmed that anywhere or any time to put it in that slot as they lead up to their adventure. I expect there are a great deal of "posing" moments on these shows to make lead-ins and to tie things up. I will even hazard a guess that FoF has other outsiders who help build props and come up with experiment ideas and techniques. I seriously doubt the Scooby-Doo gang does all that themselves, but I would like to see Daphne pounding some nails.

  12. RR;
    After coming across that Russian alien clip, I'm finding it everywhere. I guess it's a pretty recent one but really intrigued me. I would only be truly impressed if they had a body to show for it. If it wasn't hard to get Russian cooperation, that's the case I'd want to take. The ghost one looked totally faked and the triangle UFO would have seriously been seen by thousands of people in the busy city below. When will fakesters learn not to put UFOs over the Temple of the Mount or busy cities where they would have tons of witnesses and when we find out no one reported it, we realize it was a hoax. I say put it over a cornfield.

  13. I still have lingering hopes for the triangle UFO, but...

  14. I love how they went all the way to Argentina before noticing that the shadow of the alien was falling in the wrong direction. They must be seriously grasping for material.

  15. Vinnie--They also went to Argentina to reconstruct a swingset. Hmm....



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