Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

This proud mama wants to say happy 23rd birthday to her fantastically talented son. He has amazed me every moment of his life. Born a wise old soul, he was crawling at 3 months, walking at 8 months and reading at 3 years. He was in gifted programs his whole life. He excelled with computers, writing, art. You name it, if he decided to do it, he did it well. He recently graduated from college with a degree in intermedia art. He is a website designer and graphic artist, as well as a writer of a fantastic post-apocalyptic novel (yet to be completed). He is engaged to an amazing woman who is his perfect partner and equal. Can life be any better for this young man? I think not. I always called him "coach" and there is a reason for it. He taught me everything I ever needed to know about life that mattered and gave me substance. Happy birthday, Alex! Check out his work at his site.

**Do not miss tomorrow's Mind Fuck Tuesday--it is my favorite post I've ever written.**


  1. Happy birthday! I remember 23... good times.

  2. Happy Birtday! You are very lucky. Mine at 3 smoked, drank and had sex.

  3. “And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”
    - Abraham Lincoln

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, Alex!! You have an AWESOME Mom! :)

  5. Happy b'day to your son. Sounds like you raised him right. :D

  6. Happy birthday, Alex! Your mom raised a very fine young man; from the looks of it.

    Good job; mom!

  7. Mom was lucky to be blessed with a quiet, studious boy with a big heart and a ridiculous sense of humor. It made parenting way too freaking easy. Still waiting for the terrible 2's. Not one throw-yourself-on-the-floor tantrum, not one angry teen outburst. He's too logic-minded for that. He was the kid who stared at the ones acting out on the playground and shook his head as if they were bad representations of the child-race. Haha

  8. I am happy to see him enjoying his 23rd year as a free young man and not a servant of the military like I was. And it sounds like you to have a very similar relationship that I have with my mother in that you are excellent friends in addition to family.

    Nothing in this world or any other can prepare you for the love we have for our children...

  9. Aaron;
    Alex and I have always been sort of psychically linked. I totally get him. I know when to back off and when to be there when he needs me, but mostly, I never judged him or made him feel his way of seeing things or what was important to him was "wrong." I may be liberal, but he has a helluva lot of morals, more so than anyone I've ever known, and yet he has immense compassion and understanding of our differences. With that, I think he can do anything in life and be happy. Your mama obviously did a fine job with you.

  10. As his did with him...

    My mother is actually coming to visit me for the first time in five years next week. It's a reunion I am very much looking forward to!

  11. I knew that was coming. It's why I asked if you miss your family. I had a sense of that. I also have a sense it will start a wave of others meeting up with you from your past. Hmm...

  12. ……. You're deeply fortunate, Sharon, to have been given such a blessing in as gifted a son as Alex. I really want that Vulpes serigraphic print he did. You Gno me. Also, methinks his Angry Kids are all him, aren't they? … lol … I well recall his lamb Hallowe'en costume film snippet, that's him dressed as a cowboy, too, innit? The little boy with the assassin's black tear painted on, though, I'm not too certain iffen that's Alex. Wait! Alice Cooper?! You made him up as Alice Cooper?! Suffice it to say, Alex' film feed is deeply emotive of a true artist. I cannot help watching them & not be affected emotionally.

    Cheers, Alex, for reaching the enigmatic 23 year. Good fortune & long-lasting health in your not-too-distant marriage, too.

    Best wishes from a faraway Elf dude,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro



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