Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tomorrow "Ghost Adventures" New Episode!

Tomorrow morning you will find a post as I usually have on Friday mornings when there is a new GA episode--a music video (great find!) and a drinking game with a new twist. There will also be a Lonely on a Friday Night as usual where you can come on and comment back and forth and chit chat all evening or just pop in and out if you like. I thought I'd warn you about the GA episode. The season was over but they surprised us with the Valentine's Special and now this one which is Salem! Yes, Zak baby in witch country. Sounds superstitious and hilarious!


  1. Cool, a witchy female ghost for Zak to fool around with. He really likes them transparent and pasty skinned women.

  2. Dead chicks are always easier to pick up. Zak is no dummy in that department.

  3. Scary witch trial times are good choice the end of season.

  4. Echo;
    I suspect Zak will really have fun with it.

  5. I could use a "little pop in and out" but I don't want to wait until friday. Dammit...

  6. LII;
    You'll have to find your own pop in and out tonight, I guess.



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