Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vulture Mine

Vulture Mine, AZ: It was soooooo worth it, totally awesome! Oh my gosh! You can go into almost all the crumbling buildings. Very wicked and amazing! We felt like we were being watched the whole time. Julie got something on film that I could no debunk! We were shocked--not at all expecting it! It will be coming up on her site soon! I have lots of pics from other places we've gone and the stuff from our haunted room we're in right now and videos--lots of videos. Having a blast. Yes, Sucio, it's in the 20s here. Very cold!


  1. Did you hear mysterious piano ?

  2. Nope. It was soooo windy up there, it was loud.

  3. i am loving every photo, are you sure the wind and cold weren't spirits... you probably knew that...
    it was just wind and just cold..

  4. Got tons more pics to share soon. There were ton of photographers with their tripods there on a Sunday. There is not a bad shot in the entire place. Sooooo amazing. The winds howled and sounded very creepy.

  5. Brisk, huh? It was in the low 50s there, but I'm a toughie.

  6. Wasn't that sweet? It was in the brothel. I'm guessing they might have had some babies in there...



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