Wednesday, December 22, 2010

San Diego Drive

This is the last of my trip stuff to share with y'all. I thought you'd enjoy seeing what it was like to drive through the mountainous pass into San Diego from Phoenix and then some video of Balboa Park in San Diego, a huge area filled with more museums than you can imagine and the most beautiful mission style buildings in all the world.

Okay, now back to more paranormal-related postings. Even I needed a bit of a break to reset my button for more intense posting about the world of the unexplained.


  1. nice buildings but i can only take so much of museums :)

  2. Museums are my dream. My ex wouldn't go to them, so now I'm making up for lost time. I love them. I love the feel, the quiet, the smell, the information, the sense of having artifacts all around you. I've gotten in trouble at museums before because as a psychic who needs to touch things, I often time each for things without realizing I'm not allowed to touch. Oops! My hands have to be stuffed in my pockets to keep me from wanting to touch. I grew up digging up artifacts and reading them with my hands. It's impossible to hold back.

  3. Nice videos! The fog isn't much fun to drive in but I do love it. I like museums too and all the history behind the artifacts. I am glad you have fun on your vacation and that you got home safe.

  4. Yeah, we worried about the mountain passes having snow, but luckily it was a "mild" temperature storm.

  5. I loved wandering around the San Diego area.

    Nicely done.



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