Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Are Ghosts Made Of?

What are ghosts made up of? There are lots of explanations. In the Victorian era, ghosts were proclaimed to be made of ectoplasm, a nasty substance that looked a bit like vomited cheesecloth (perhaps because most times it was—by the deceptive medium during a séance).

AGH, (my now favorite term for “After Ghost Hunters”), investigators proclaim they are made of energy and they manifest by drawing energy from human bodies, batteries, the heat in the air, and anything else they can steal from. Apparently, these gypsies from the netherworld didn’t get the memo that modern office buildings with all their EMF producing devices make manifestations much quicker and easier and instead take the route of old home with no electricity in place.

So, what are ghosts made of?

If you watched the wonderful clip above from "American Paranormal," (National Geographic Channel) the answer will be similar to the one I proposed quite some time ago on my blog—neutrinos.

As discussed in the short above, if that were so, it would not emit light, sound, or visual. You would not see it in any form or hear it, yet ghosts seem to make plenty of sounds and make themselves shown. I discussed the possibility of neutrinos being the way in which psychics pick up information, such as I do when holding an object. Could it be that a spirit form is actually made up of neutrinos but has the ability in the right environment to charge itself in a way that makes it momentarily heard or seen? Is this why ghosts are so intermittent? Neutrinos are electrically neutral and are the result of solar/radiation decay. Could this explain why Chernobyl is believed to be so haunted? Might it also explain why there is more activity on solar storm active days and geomagnetically active days?

I appreciate theories (no duh), so let's put down some possible explanations for ghosts and what they're made of:

1. Ghosts are psychologically induced by people and perhaps their visual cortex, pineal gland, or telekinetic means. Pros/cons: Ghosts are often times witnessed by people who do believe in their existence and by groups of people seeing the same thing at the same time. However, many sightings are reported by people in times of stress.

2. Ghosts are actually a life form from another dimension with the capability of entering and exiting ours. Pros/cons: This would explain the fleeting nature of ghosts and the sometimes nonsensical sounds and words emitted. It does not explain, however, why they concentrate in areas of death and trauma.

3. Ghosts are made of neutrinos and hence able to go anywhere at any time, even through people, but for reasons unknown to us can somehow interact with the environment to let themselves be known. Pros/cons: This covers how they can move anywhere and go through objects and people. This does not explain how we are able to see them and hear them.

4. Ghosts are made up of a content we do not understand and may never discover because it's not part of our physical world, but another world that allows for occasional random filtration through our world, giving us momentary "contact." In other words, the spiritual realm. Pros/cons: Still, if we can sometimes see and hear them--they are able to manipulate in our physical realm so there should be a time when they can be "trapped" for observation. This, today, seems to be a preferable explanation.

5. Ghosts are pure energy and therefore able to affect people and objects around them. Pros/cons: Then that energy should be measured. It might also explain why they drain other forms of energy.

I'd love to hear your input. What are ghosts made of?


  1. I have no idea. But I did have anexperience last night. You'll have to read my blog tomorrow to find out what it was.

  2. MM;
    Definitely! I'm curious. You might just be a "ghost magnet" that attracts things.

  3. Great topic i have one that you might not have heard before.

    What if ghosts were some form of alien race that walks the earth. If you were a highly advanced civilization that came here to study earth's people. What better form to take than that of a ghost. Sure people are scared of them and have been for centuries but they think they are people that have passed on.

    Not some race of alien beings walking among them. That might have been here living with us in ghostly form and watching every move we make for thousands of years.

  4. John;
    I like the way your mind works. For a long time, I wondered if perhaps this all boils down to one simple thing: Evolution. What if we as a form that is carbon-based and e-dimensional and discernible with 5 senses evolved, but alongside us another life form evolved that did not need the components we have? What if it is equally intelligent but not tied down to our plane of existence that must be held down by gravity and breathe air and drink water? Hmm.... I love contemplating the possibilities. It's equally like a highly intelligent form evolved within the ocean as well. There was no need for intelligence necessarily on land, it would be equally necessary in water. So, where is that highly intelligent life form in the ocean? Oh, I just love the possibilities.

  5. "5. Ghosts are pure energy and therefore able to affect people and objects around them. Pros/cons: Then that energy should be measured...".

    Kind of along my thinking, except this presumes the energy is in a form that has been identified and CAN be measured. I kind of feel like ghosts/spirits/whatever "they" are might be almost "energy echoes". What does that mean? Um...I'll get back to you on that...

  6. I think they're made of sugar and spice and a hint of death.

  7. I think energy has a great deal to do with ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, etc. Being a former massage therapist, I can tell you that there were some patients (I worked in a chiropractic office)zapped my energy more than others! Even when I knew who these people were, there was one woman in particular that did it every time no matter how much I prepared myself. Now of course she didn't reach out an take my energy through osmosis; or did she? LOL The energy in the room changed just by her being present. I didn't even have to touch her to start feeling exhausted. I kinda think ghosts may work the same way.

    I feel like I'm babbling....been a long day. So...maybe they are just made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Or on occasion they are made of snips and snails and puppy-dog tails?

    Sorry, couldn't resist the nursery rhymes.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. autumnforest, would there be a way people who have died could be living on a different "plane" then us? able to be seen at some times, then not at others? the whole concept of them living 'in a parallel world' kinds fascinates me!

    1. Overall I do not believe in the idea of ghosts, but it is a fact that many of us have claimed to interact with one in some way. If M-theory (String Theory) is correct then what we call a ghost could be a slip into our dimension from a more unstable one; possibly there are many of these unstable universes... There are unstable creatures, plants, planets, and solar sytems... maybe ours grew in a healthful manner but another may have become partially open to traveling between universes

    2. Troy--I like the way you think! Excellent viewpoint. I admittedly lean towards other dimensions and brief moments of interaction.

    3. Well Troy, I hate to bust your bubble, but what you don't believe does exists because I have a bunch of conversations with spirits on my digital recorder and transferred onto my recorder. For whatever reason spirits are drawn to me. As a certified paranormal investigator, I can tell you much is left to learn. We do not know much, and know little. But what I DO know is they walk among us and there are TONS of them everywhere, all the time. Many.... in fact the mass majority... remain silent and cause NO commotion. These are the ones I have been speaking to and even getting empty room EVPS at one point (leaving my recorder going while I am out and seeing what it picks up). When I ask, "did you have sons"; get a manipulation of the device (the spirit breaking into our dimension; and get a class A, intelligent, "Three" to my question.... there is no debating that. When I ask another spirit did you have sons and get a "No" and then ask "Did you have daughters?" and get a yes.... well, you get the drift. I know what I have. I was there..... and I have a lot of them.

  10. I think I adhere to two theories on this: 1- Ghosts are remnants of an earlier time revisited. Kind of like a carbon copy seen today. 2- Ghosts are from another dimension that somehow cross into ours. There is a great book that touches on what happens after we die. It's called "Is there life after death" and it's a profound read. BTW thanx again for the plug. My blog needs all the publicity it can get.

  11. Well if you put your 1 and 3 together, you might have an explanation as to how ghosts could possibly be made up of neutrinos and occasionally visible too. Since ultimately we experience reality in our mind, then perhaps a sentient or even residual ghost could have an effect on a person that causes them to 'see' a ghost. In other words, kind of like a hallucination, except its not drug induced and what they are seeing is actually there in some form or another.

    If you want to throw your number 2 into that mix too, then you can use the radio analogy. If you're listening to the radio and you change you the station, the station you were listening too is still broadcasting, but you don't hear it anymore because your radio isn't tuned into that frequency anymore. What if our reality is similar to that? What if we typically just experience reality on one 'frequency'? What if there are other 'frequencies' 'broadcasting' around us? Sometimes we hear static on the radio...what if seeing a ghost is kind of like that static?

    I think I prefer your fourth explanation though. But the explanation could be a combination of the explanations you suggested or something we haven't even imagined or considered yet.

  12. Jeff;
    Yeah, I tend to think that what we are seeing may or may not be souls of the dead, but could also be interdimensional forms or even different time periods and when things are just right (the planets align, there's a solar flare, someone is hormonally balanced a certain way) we can catch a glimmer. What intrigues me the most are when two people witness and event together, such as an apparition or shadow person. I used to assume that meant it was really there and it wasn't just in their brains, but if something can affect one brain, it could affect all brains in that area. It's such and interesting thing to think about.

  13. Option 2: They are entities from another "dimension" (or "plane" or whatever). They are drawn to areas of trauma because such traumas imprint themselves of an area. The entities are drawn to these imprints because a) they are malevolent and enjoy the suffering, b) the psychic trauma weakens membrane between our realm and theirs, c) they are semi-aware and are drawn to life and they can discern such psychic imprints so they are drawn to them. One, two or all. You choose.

  14. Now, I don't mind saying that I'm no expert on things supernatural, but the ghost as energy theory appeals to me the most; it just seems the most logical conclusion, in my opinion. Every living thing uses electricity, in one form or another...just a thought.

  15. sad part is, we will never know whats out there.... its funny how some people can be soo closed minded, and actually we are the only life forms in space. Its crazy how ghosts can be seen, and how we can hear them talk in a voice recorder, or even when ghosts can move objects, or even harm people. How can something you cant physically see, do all these things.. But remember we cant see oxygen, what if ghosts were made up of an element, that even science hasn't discovered???



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