Friday, October 22, 2010

"Ghost Adventures" Drinking Game! And More Skittles the Clown

(The creepy and cool post to check out today).

Well, tonight Zak and the boys are going to a nursing home, hence the video chosen above. I'll admit that I got a chance to see the episode earlier and it actually is one of my favorite ones they've done in a very long time. Definitely worth a watch in the dark with a good warm drink. The drinking game's only requirements are you stay home to do it and watch the show--duh! Take a swig for every "bro," "dude," "man" and every time Aaron's mouth becomes unhinged in horror. Tonight's drink at my "Day Spa"? Disarrono in hot cocoa. I wanted something sweet and potent (the way I like my men and drinks. Oh hell, I guess sometimes I like my drinks stiff and my men... well, you get the idea).

Don't forget tonight at 7 pm EST, we have "Lonely on a Friday Night" here. Come and comment back and forth, flirt, goof off, tell us what you're drinking, comment on the show as you watch it. Everyone is welcome. We go until the last person passes out or turns off his/her computer. Oh, and I got wise and eliminated the blasted word verification. I never thought about changing the original settings from 3 freaking years ago. It should make commenting a breeze.

Oh, and here's another insane video from last night. It seems that Skittles the clown doll, bought for all the best intentions to keep my ventriloquist doll, Dale, in his place, is now terrifying us both. We have a plan of how to get rid of him. Wish us luck.


  1. Did you just play the Beatles?
    May I kill myself now.

  2. Max;
    I had no choice. Finding a video about old people wasn't easy. No rocks singers want to do it. And, I am UnAmerican to say it, but I despise the Beatles so I didn't even listen to it myself.

  3. Max is dead on - Beatles?? Ack. I'd rather have my ears carved out by Skittles.

    Speaking of....I thought I saw a small shadowy figure last night. Are you sure he's there with you?

  4. MM;
    Someone give me a rock song with old people in it??? Yeah, I settled for Beatles. There's a few people with tin ears out there that like them. Hey, we did have to open the door and let Skittles in or we would have starved in my bedroom during a lockdown. He wandered around the master suite and then hobbled down the hall and sat on the sofa waiting for me to start another horror movie. I gave him Ghostbusters and he seemed to like it. I went to bed and Dale sat in the window with the other dolls on display. I got up this morning and Skittles was back in the window and the TV was still running. So, you never know, he may have decided to check out the bloggers. I did notice that he follows the blogs that Dale follows (uses his ID) and so he's reading up on ya'all. What he's thinking in his horror movie filled brain, no one knows. He still doesn't speak....

  5. Seeing Skittles in the hall reminds me of that creepy postal commercial. You definitely have a live one there. I find it funny that Dale is now seeking protection from the human he once got pleasure scaring.

  6. You are so right, sis! Dale never leaves the window because Skittles has his arm around him, but when I remove him and let him have some free time, he cowers. The problem is, Skittles finds him every time. Skittles finds me too. I was on the toilet and looked up and he was in the doorway just staring at me. Talk about performance anxiety.

  7. BTW - I have a MicroFiction Halloween post up today. Check out the old costume photo I found.

  8. well crap... with that smooth italian liqueur atcher elbow, who needs goofy flicks when real life is right there? ;) lol

  9. Hey LW;
    The company online does distract me from GA, but I do manage to record it for my pleasure later. Some parts of it are worth rewatching over and over when one is sober. It's like a surreal mind fuck when one is drunk.

  10. Todays GA episode - it will be clearly creepiest place for ghost hunting. I am going to watch it.

  11. Does Skittles even have a tongue?

    Maybe you should stick your finger in his mouth and find out.

  12. Pangs;
    You're volunteering me for that horrifying duty? I think not, my friend. You know what they say about biting the hand that feeds you and since Skittles actually does eat Skittles, he must have some apparatus in there to help him move it along and I still have yet to see if he has rainbow bowel movements, but I suppose that will be his next surprise for us...



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