Monday, September 27, 2010

Scarecrow Obsession!

I am obsessed with scarecrows. I suggest you just go ahead and bookmark Pumpkinrot's page. You will go there year-round. I get my Halloween cards there and I can't get enough of his YouTube channel where he shows amazing videos of his scarecrow creations. Here's just a sampling of the ones he's invented (above). I think he is truly the greatest Halloween artist and understands the heart of Samhain like no one else. I love Halloween through his eyes and I suggest you enjoy his inspiring art and, if you're still not in the mood for Halloween, get a checkup at the local mental health clinic because something is broken inside.

"Hollowman" Comes with gorgeous pics and video.

"Roots" Has an amazing spread of photos of this inventive scarecrow.

"Johnny Appleseed" (traditional) has loads of pictures and amazing video!

"Bog Man" comes with his own legend and lots of gorgeous photos.


  1. I love scarecrows. Wasn't paying much attention to the television yesterday, so I am not exactly sure whether it is a television show or a movie, but it's about a man who runs into problems when he puts a scarecrow up in his fields. I will keep an eye out and let you know if I see it again.

  2. There's quite a few of those, Mary. I have to admit that I will watch any movie with Bigfoot or scarecrows even if I know they aren't scary. The best scarecrow one I ever saw was Night of the Scarecrow. It wasn't ideal, but it was pretty darned creepy.

  3. Cool, I love those scarecrow pictures. It would be fun to have one of them in my front yard at Halloween. I will check out the blogs you have listed.

  4. GREAT!!! Now I'm going to have nightmares. Thanks Dale.

  5. Those are beautiful...okay in a gruesome kinda way, but beautiful.

  6. MM;
    Isn't he brilliant? I want to live inside that world all the time. Such inventive ways to do scarecrows! The bog man, if I saw that along a boggy area, I'd freak out!

  7. Those are pieces of art, I can have setting with these scarecrows year round.

  8. WOW! These are amazing, and really, truly scary. :)) I would have a heart attack if I saw one all by my lonesome, but they are so cool! xo Pam

  9. Hey cool sis---I will check out the site---one of those scarecrows (second pic?) is just plain creepy!!!!
    cool stuff!!!!
    all the best to you!!!!

  10. First - I think mxtodis is talking about the movie The Messengers 2. I saw it on TV the other night but didn't watch it.

    Scarecrows kind of creep me out. If there isn't one in existence, there should be a scarecrow graveyard somewhere on the planet. I mean if totem poles have one why not scarecrows.

  11. Bror;
    Hello, my adopted baby brother! Glad to see you up and about the blogs.

    I always had a dream of having several acres of land with orchards and an organic garden and one area that is nothng more than a gentle sloping pasture where I would poles up and scarecrows of every kind on the poles, like an army of eviscerated soldiers...

  12. His scarecrows are the best!

    and now I'm waiting for a terrifying scarecrow story from YOU!

  13. Cindi--part of October's fun are some of my horrifying shorts involving people's most basic fears like ventriloquist dolls and scarecrows and such......



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