Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't Forget "Ghost Adventures" new season tomorrow and "Destination Truth/Beast Legends" tonight

Don't forget Travel Channel tomorrow night -- the new season of "Ghost Adventures." They are doing 3-part study at Gettysburg. Get ready for me to post a video and a drinking game. The boys are back! Tomorrow is also the day I put up the vlog so you can finally see me and hear from me. It's also Lonely on a Friday night, so if you're bored, we can watch "Ghost Adventures" and laugh together as we comment back and forth.

Tonight is a new episode of "Destination Truth" (take a peek below) and "Beast Legends" on SyFy


  1. Love Ghost Adventures and have often said (to those within ear shot of my TV) their sayings: "What was that?"; "Did you hear that?"; "Oh My God."; and others I can't recall at this moment, would make for a great drinking game. Am I close?

  2. MM;
    We could seriously get plastered if we added those! I use "dude," "man," "bro" and Aaron's mouth unhinging in horror as the drinking hits, but hey I like yours too!

  3. Two snaps up ..... very excited for all.

  4. DTs tonight episode is captivating.

  5. Oh Echo--lucky, lucky! It's not on here for 10 more minutes. Wah! I can't wait!

  6. @Monkey Man- I think too many people would die of alcohol poison. :(



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