Sunday, July 18, 2010

Soul Seers

By now, ya’all know that I have a way of getting into subjects you either haven’t heard of or haven’t considered.

I was talking to a dear friend recently. I like to help people find out how they gather psychic information and how they might tap into it. Everyone is psychic, but we all have different ways of using it. In my own experience dealing with folks over the years, I have come to categorize some types of psychics that are fledglings of more powerful types of psychic conditions. One of these types is the “Soul Seer."

Some features I find in people who are soul seers are these;

They tend to be serendipitous. They end up in the right place and the right time—even if it’s something dramatic like walking past a burning building or standing next to a person about to faint.

They get gut instincts about people but can’t tell you why they feel that way. They just either trust them implicitly or don’t. They sense a person is important in their life but they don’t know why, so they pursue a friendship even if the other person is reticent.

They listen closely for words that ring true and focus on that. If someone tells them a story, certain words, phrases and ways they tell the story makes that soul seer’s senses sharpen and they feel an immediate connection. They are fantastic listeners.

They may have had one or several incidents in which they were with someone upon passing and may have had a visitation afterwards.

They tend to see dark shapes and figures when others aren’t looking in the right direction at the right time, but something inside of them has them looking up at just the right moment, or sensing something and turning to see it.

So, what does one do if he/she is a soul seer? A soul seer has the potential to be more like a ghost whisperer type of psychic, someone who can communicate with those who have crossed over. They not only have the potential so see a soul when others miss it, but also to have the soul want to present itself to them because they can discern their presence. A practicing psychic with this ability would be called a “medium.”

Knowing that one is susceptible to being a soul seer can make his life much better. It’s not some weird dark secret or some crazy madness or perhaps just horrible luck. They are meant to witness things and help people ease with transition. It’s a good thing, although it often comes with bad moments, like happening upon accidents or knowing ahead of time that someone is going to pass on.

On a daily practical basis that “gut” instinct they have about people is a fantastic talent. It can even goad them on to spend more time with someone before they pass on early, or know who to connect their soul with who is worthy of the treasure. If they fight those instincts, they are likely to have constant anxiety and fearfulness and startle reactions.

So, I suggest those with this tendency just go with the flow and let their gut make decisions when dealing with other humans. Let their minds make decisions when dealing with details like finances and choosing a car.


  1. I liked this post, a lot. It's cool to find out the different types of "fledglings" (I liked that word. lol)

    I wouldn't say I'm serendipitous... at least most of the time. But I do get a lot of gut instincts, have had the visitation after a death, I see dark shapes, but I usually deny that it's anything important. What would you say? lol What psychic skill could I build?

    Will you be doing this for more types of pre-psychics?

  2. after reading some stuff & then this post tonight, & everything, i like to think i'm a soul-seer! so much of what's happened in the last 3 years has pretty much confirmed that...

  3. You open my eyes but I am still searching for my abilities.

  4. Soraya;
    You do sound like a soul seer. They don't always run into the serendipity aspect and part of that is also their gut instincts that keep them from leaving the house at a certain time and lingering... They also use it to keep themselves from running into such things. I'm working on my book "Differential Diagnosis For the Paranormal: Did I see a Ghost?" and that is a chapter in the book, about "fledgling" psychics. I will be doing more of these on the blog. I think the next one is scheduled for Wednesday.

  5. Libby;
    There will be more types explained in the coming days.

    I'm still thinking animal whisperer...

  6. I had a serendipitous moment a few minutes ago just prior to reading this :P

  7. I will only say that it involved a blue parakeet and that it might be stalking me.

  8. Pangs;
    That actually sounds rather intriguing...

  9. Pangs and Grim;
    What's up with you two? You're both being very vague and elusive. Spankings are accruing.

  10. Just considering how many things I thought were coincidence might not have been. And I trust my gut. A lot.

  11. Grim. There will be probably about 3-4 more of these this week and you may find yourself in some of them, and I suspect that the next one which will be on tomorrow might also be partly you, as well...

  12. Oh, god. You're making me nervous.

  13. Grim;
    I thought you were unable to be disturbed? I'll give you a hint, they're called "tactile tuners." It will be up in the a.m. on the blog.

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  15. Bror, my dear adopted brother, you are always a font of knowledge and I learn more from you than all my research for my book. I have known quite a few soul seers and they seem to have a tendency to isolate themselves as a protection from lots of bad run-ins with "wrong place and the wrong time" and their tendency to be distracted by the presence of souls in a room and outdoors. They seem like daydreams, but they're not. They're simply feeling presences. It's an intriguing affliction. I have had it at times, but never consistently. It's a beautiful talent when one gets a grasp of the honor it is instead of the "affliction" they may view it as.

  16. Definitely waiting for the next posts then :) I can't wait ^.^

  17. I think this is me. I get good vibes and bad vibes from people. Sometimes the vibes are so strong I can pretty much tell if someone is lieing to me. I can discern whether a person has genuine good intentions or bad. Sometimes I think maybe I'm a little insane b/c I pick up on what I think someone is thinking or the emotions, but most of the time I keep it to myself b/c I wouldn't want to embarass someone and I constantly second guess myself. Sometimes when I do tell someone what I'm getting from them, they get really nervous or deny it at all cost. It's a huge reason I really have to be around very brutally honest people. B/c I feel like I shouldn't call everyone out on their lies, it can be really frustrating when someone does lie about their feelings. Sometimes I drive myself nuts thinking that maybe I'm wrong about a person when they tell me I'm dead wrong on my discernment. What really kills me is finding out much later that I was really right at the time, but a person was too ashamed to admit their true feelings. I've had a couple moments when I see something out of the corner of my eye. I also dreamed about my grandmother's heart attack before she had it and I also dreamed about my grandfather dieing right before he did. I also had a dream about him right after he died. He was smiling, in good health and he was taking me fishing, but once we made it to the lake he had to go to the other side of the lake where I couldn't go. He smiled and waved to me while he was fishing. I don't know if it was the way my subconcious was comforting me or if it was him reaching out. I don't know if my dreams about them were anything psychic or if it was simply something that I could have guessed would happen. Good post, definitely made me think. :)

  18. Kim;
    You really lined up with this one well. I believe it. I think you have had people in your life you've seen right through. I always talk myself out of it because I want to see them the way I want them to be. Breaks my heart every time.

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