Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recent Chinese UFO Incidents

Grim from Brain Stew informed me of this. I’ve been out of the loops news-wise, too busy with a zillion projects, but the story intrigued me. Apparently China has had some recent UFO incidents that actually shut down an airport. The lights over the airport were described as twinkling. As well, a sighting occurred of four lantern-like lights making a diamond shape, floating over a park for an hour.


  1. Cool, it is hard to say what it could be. I did like that camera that was on the commercial before the news report.

  2. Cool link. It's interesting to me that someone described the latern like objects as diamond shaped, because I did a post a while back called Unidentified Flying Pyramids, which was about diamond/tetrahedron shaped UFOs. There's video footage that shows what is allegedly two diamond shaped UFOs over China, but the ones in the video looked like solid objects to me, not four laterns coming together to form a shape. The video is from a while back, so it's not the same sighting, but it's interesting to hear about two different sightings of diamond shaped UFOs over China.

  3. Hmmm, I think it's probably someone spying on someone else....

    Hey Autumn! I just posted some photos on my blog of a cemetery in my town...I'm wishing for Fall and wanted some inspiration for doing a painting... You might like them.
    XOXO - Cindi

  4. Oh, and just to inform everyone, I only brought this to her attention because it sparked my interest. NOT because I'm a UFO nut or because I believe/don't believe in these things. I don't really do the while "UFO" scene. It was just weird is all. Apparently, it was a missile. I knew it was military, I just wasn't sure what IT actually was. Now I do. Case solved.

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  6. I looked deep into all this craziness. What I found is that none of the pictures have anything to do with the actual UFO's they seen in China. Read about it http://timehuman.blogspot.com/2010/07/are-recent-ufos-over-china-real.html

  7. Grim;
    Only you could put a disclaimer up. Yes, he sent it to me because he thought "That, Autumn, she likes this kooky shit." Thanks Grim!

    Cindi, I will check that out pronto!



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