Friday, May 28, 2010

Won Again!

It's been that kind of week. I entered two contests and won them both (I'm going out to buy some lottery tickets next!) John at Season of Shadows told me I won "Transylvania" by Nox Arcana which is my very favorite background music while writing horror. Expect some more creepy short stories from me soon! Check out his blog if you're not already following it. He is my very favorite Halloween year-round site. He shows videos of the progress he's making on massive props for a mind-blowing Halloween display each year and loves to find vintage and unusual films having to do with nostalgic Halloween themes on the Internet. He's one of my long-time fav bloggers.


  1. Congrats Autumn! Can't wait to read those story posts.

  2. Got one coming up in a few minutes... (yeah, it's one of those staying up late and watching crappy SyFy original movies like "Yeti kind of nights)

  3. congrats should go out and get that ticket or several, you seem to be having a good week.

  4. Bats and a scorpio! Dear Goddess! Not to mention the prisoner ghost!
    By the way i make love like Freddy Kruger.... Ewww!

  5. Georgina;
    Never to worry--Freddy is a master at persuasion and a born leader, so not too awful.

  6. Thanks, my friend. Happy to hear the sounds of Transylvania will be put to good, creative use. :0)



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