Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back Home Again!

Well, I'm back home again--exhausted, dusty, and thoroughly satisfied. Had a great time on the ghost hunt, lots of craziness (like Dale's insane video in the last post) and lots more to report. Will be putting up a post as soon as I settle in and thought you would enjoy this pic of Dale. We had a chalkboard in our schoolroom that was converted into a guest room at the B&B. While we were busy packing, he went and left his name on the chalkboard--the little booger. He knew to stay away from us, we were still mad at his drunken antics in the cemetery. The poor statues may never forgive us!


  1. At least he behaved himself while sleeping with you last night...hummm, or did he?

  2. That's another story for a post...

  3. lol!!! Um...that reminds me of a joke....let's just say the punchline was "lie to me some more, Pinocchio!!!"

  4. D;
    You totally get what living with a doll is like!



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